• TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft 5 months ago

    If you want more monster base chalenges leave a like!

  • Marcos Negrete 5 months ago


  • ThePugStation3 5 months ago

    Cody I am also from New Hampshire the snow is horrible here

  • shy chaos shiper 5 months ago

    Find something to where there was a laser coming out of his butt and said Chet and said oh look he’s about to fire out of his

  • Alex Rodriguez 5 months ago

    More rollplay

  • Wolf Gaming1435 5 months ago

    Horses are lovable

  • Savage Kid 5 months ago

    unseen horses before and rode one

  • Taven Begay 5 months ago

    I love horses U haven’t lived life until u ride bare back on a horse Like if u agree

  • FISHY FISH 101 5 months ago

    Plot twist

  • crazy kid 27 Vredenburg 5 months ago

    Dream craft 2.0

  • rheeses cupys 5 months ago

    You guys are so stupid a horse is a beautiful creatur

  • Wanita Chaisiri 5 months ago

    Super cool love the ending where joe becomes a hero

  • Ronin Glenn 5 months ago

    Its Said (Doh-G)

  • airdome Justdie 5 months ago

    How can I make Minecraft popular again

  • ciaran beast channel 5 months ago

    Joe is back

  • Nathan Owens 5 months ago


  • Ethan Buccelli 5 months ago

    Make IT invasions

  • A and A Rose 5 months ago

    Do something with #littlelizard gaming please!!!!!!!!!!! Like if you agree

  • The calm Before the storm 5 months ago

    Who else started singing Thanks For The Memories every time Cody said memories

  • Brett Densmore 5 months ago

    That’s to funny make it a try not to laugh challenge

  • springtrap fan 5 months ago


  • BARBARATIN2007 5 months ago

    i sen the old video of you cody and buz when you and buz had first minecraft worl calld atlantis adventures and i fell sorry for you cody becouse buz left and he was jour best friend

  • Will Stevens 5 months ago

    what gun mod do you use

  • Nightfight3-gaming 5 months ago

    When is Jurasic craft 4 coming

  • sarah mama 5 months ago

    We’re Those Heads Of Steves Colored! 😂I saw Green Yellow Red And Blue!

  • Christy Pethel 5 months ago

    An I buy the map?

  • Grian Gladiator 5 months ago

    Hey Cody I give you 1k you had 999 but I give you ¡ 1,000 ! AKA ¡ 1k !

  • Grian Gladiator 5 months ago

    Little lizard gaming what the

  • Grian Gladiator 5 months ago

    #FUCKYOU we’re blowing up the mine

  • Alexander Kulig 5 months ago

    you a fended me by saying jake cause I have a dog that died that was called jake

  • Alexander Kulig 5 months ago

    but still thumbs up

  • antonio diaz III 5 months ago

    Your the best you tuber

  • Margarita Aguilar 5 months ago

    The base has a mustache

  • H8Games H8games 5 months ago

    Attack on titan vs base or dragons vs base

  • Khiem Tran 5 months ago

    You scapegoats he he…

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