• ryanizer11 1 month ago

    I hate that the save keeps getting corrupted because it keeps chasing the outcome I liked how it originally was compared to this one since the other admins is dead

  • Sanity Rice 1 month ago

    blockstarplanet pleaze

  • Traceese Hamilton 1 month ago

    No no just…just no

  • Savage Productions 1 month ago

    Lol 14:22 look at the background

  • AwsomeGamer 200 1 month ago

    Oh no evil Jen is back !

  • Minty kintune 1 month ago

    21:01 did petra just ride chuck

  • SuperCringyGamer 1 month ago

    Olivia sounds different

  • Claudia Anorve 1 month ago

    How do they have lluna and wasnt jack that was the admins friend for a while

  • Claudia Anorve 1 month ago

    Also nerm was with them

  • Claudia Anorve 1 month ago

    Why would u push ok that is why Everything is different now

  • Hhaah Y 1 month ago

    Did anybody else notice that Petra is now wearing the red suit instead of Jack ?

  • popular eye 1 month ago

    why did you startover this episode sucks 🙁

  • Adrienne Flateau 1 month ago

    listen closely at 16:55 😲

  • popular eye 1 month ago


  • MegaEnchantedbow 1 month ago

    aka pat did something wrong with Jen’s answers because she had a fight with jack not Petra remember

  • popular eye 1 month ago

    same axe;

  • ProNoobGuy 1 month ago

    Axel is the same Olivia is different

  • godzilla 2017 1 month ago

    Pat Jen could u f stopping it plz

  • godzilla 2017 1 month ago


  • Kimberly Puentes 1 month ago

    Epic proportions or Crafting dead

  • Liksi Diwa Daclan 1 month ago

    Hello guys just yesterday I sprained my wrist and I know what you are thinking ohh he is just saying this for likes but I actually got hurt Im not asking for likes just saying that I sprained my wrist

  • Some Random Person 1 month ago

    Imagine the Admins lied like The Old Order Of The Stone

  • Maia H 1 month ago

    Okay Okay, Axel didn’t sound too much different it was Olivia I thought sounded completely off…

  • No0 Name 1 month ago

    Is the auto choices the real right choice for the whole story. I mean cannon

  • PhoenixRedFlower Cute 1 month ago

    I farted im sorry you smelled my fart when we was hugging and yes I actually farted.Tmi? Tmi! (too much information)

  • hot dog butt weener 1 month ago

    Pause at 21:03 petra is riding jack!😂

  • DriperTDM 1 month ago

    Legend says that Chuck Norris is so tough that he does not have a chin under his beard just another fist

  • Ray Chong 1 month ago

    I actually cannot tell if Axl’s voice is the same. Seeing Beacon Town again reminds me of Reuben. 😶😮😯😦🙁😓😔😳😣😢😭

  • A Banana 1 month ago

    Nell is female

  • lilly luxray 1 month ago

    Why do you guys hate redar he is my favourite I love how he like a fan girl

  • Alpha Dream Wolf 1 month ago

    Yea, the voice actors changed, for axel and Olivia

  • Chib-Dipped Blue Flies 1 month ago

    AWW, you got the bad end with Stella. Ffs.

  • Diane Cu 1 month ago

    I hope there’s a next season

  • Diane Cu 1 month ago


  • The random stuff k 1 month ago


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