• Rose Barr 3 months ago

    diamond one

  • Morris Lindström Hedlund 3 months ago

    That was more than 64 zombies

  • Ricky Genove 3 months ago

    I love the diamond golem

  • Alexandra,s Vlog407 3 months ago

    Can you be a zombie . Like if you agree

  • jenard Nard 3 months ago

    Mine is neither brick

  • THOMAS pasya 3 months ago

    THOMAS pasya:psssstt
    Let me tell you. How to get all addons at still time?

    Mc Naveed:HAHA!!!
    They mad because they like panic or something.

    THOMAS pasya:YEP!
    I was another talking, they spotted us?!

  • THOMAS pasya 3 months ago

    THOMAS pasya:NOPE!
    I really did. Before
    no problem!
    I pleasant okay, I have just still me in my poll.

    Mc Naveed:HAHA!!
    No away!
    Thank you so much I was think to got leave me alone as well, now make me more
    GOOOOOD LUUCK!!!!!!!

    Mc Naveed:Oh hey again dude, how was the possible video are you?

    THOMAS pasya:NOPE?!
    I was talking to DanTDM to make me more maps still ago with them?

    Mc Naveed:YEP!!
    It is definitively alright. Now get me some maps, i’ve got jail work?!

    Mc Naveed:You’re in trouble!!

    Mc Naveed:WHAT!!
    I did not mean to do that thing?! i’ve forgot clay soldiers?

    THOMAS pasya:Hmmmm.
    What do you mean with soldiers?!

    Mc Naveed: WTF!!!!!!!!!!

    THOMAS pasya: …

  • Haider Bilgramil 3 months ago

    you can actually make golems sideways you know so you can make the gold one

  • THOMAS pasya 3 months ago

    Mc Naveed:Oh hey again meet dude!

    I was want to meet you?

    THOMAS pasya:What is it.

    Mc Naveed:Number 1 your talking a business Number 2 your met to DanTDM

    THOMAS pasya:Naveed!!!!!
    You are wrong way?!

    Mc Naveed:Dude!!!!

    Dr Trayaurus:Im sorry Naveed?!

    I was wrong scan. Let me tell you what is it mean. Number 1 you put a bag Number 2 I was scan in my phone or ipod Number 3 I was click a wrong?!

    Mc Naveed:THAT WHAT IT IS?!

    Oh my goodness.

    Dr Trayaurus:DAN!!

    DanTDM:Whats going on here!!

    Mc Naveed: Hello Dan! I was to talk about TP for you?

    DanTDM:What do you mean THOMAS PASYA!!

    Mc Naveed:YEP!!

    I really did! He want to give you a more maps and hundreds of maps buddy!

    DanTDM:Oh really?!
    There is your prise buddy! I hope you are how to steal him more maps understood!

    Mc Naveed: …

  • R-Three Velado 3 months ago


  • Fotis Poggas 3 months ago

    the sponge one is spongebob 😛

  • Elizabeth Prock 3 months ago

    i fixed it!!! i can watch it now!!!

  • Elizabeth Prock 3 months ago

    i can do this weird thing with my eyes where they like shake

  • Elizabeth Prock 3 months ago

    i liked the orange wool one and the glass one

  • Tommy Hutchinson 3 months ago

    If the diamond ore one was alive that will be so good and cool

  • nathan bakerrr 3 months ago

    I have a lazy eye😢😭😭

  • trap extreme 3 months ago




    His mark is better without a suit

  • Annette Ratcliff 3 months ago


  • Dylan Lauritsen 3 months ago


  • Yousif Osman 3 months ago


  • jose silva 3 months ago


  • Aliannah Arroyo 3 months ago

    i can do it

  • Rovic Arbutante 3 months ago

    I can not do it

  • Kninjanka Susa 3 months ago

    Diamond golm

  • Joaquine Iñigo Obial 3 months ago

    I cen du af mine i s

  • marlon maaba 3 months ago

    Do zombie opocolips neevid from. Mark

  • Jorge Tabug 3 months ago


  • Daniel Solčán 3 months ago


  • Angelo Arizapa 3 months ago

    the orange stained glass golem looks like invincible

  • Angelo Arizapa 3 months ago

    and the glass too

  • Angelo Arizapa 3 months ago

    suuuuuper great

  • super sonic Jayden galea 3 months ago


  • super sonic Jayden galea 3 months ago

    I mean no

  • super sonic Jayden galea 3 months ago

    Nether one

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