• Candice Lau 1 month ago

    Jen da boss

  • Adham Yasser 1 month ago

    this is not fair jen killed the one outside the door so she can leave but pat had to deal with it still pat wins

  • Resmerita roxana 1 month ago


  • The Gameranian 1 month ago

    Hunger games p!a

  • gamerRBX _YT 1 month ago


  • Craftburner B 1 month ago

    Play georometry dash and a message from England we do not have our own accent so pass it on to your neighbour and tell them to pass it on OK.

  • Jakethecrafter2 VeY 1 month ago

    They should bring back YouTuber challenge games

  • Humming Bird 1 month ago

    pat you really should record some of the hide and seek on Jens channel please. please like so pat sees this

  • annettehorrocks 1 month ago

    16:59 rip my poor ears

  • diogamer46 1 month ago

    Pats score 420

  • Grade 3 St. Peter4 1 month ago


  • XMinerPlayzMCX TheMiner 1 month ago

    I think that you guys make less videos

  • Filming with marian 1 month ago

    Hey pat and jen i watch your videos everyday i also subscribe to your channel please can you do another youtuber lucky block challenge pat and jen here are some choices that i would love to watch in the youtuber lucky block challenge
    prestonplayz vs exploding tnt
    pink sheep vs little kelly
    thats all pat and jen i hope i see this youtubers fighting together i love you pat and jen

  • King Dave 1 month ago

    Play fortnite for a vid i really want to see

  • M Kaabi 1 month ago

    Ur my fav youtubers i love u so much and i watch u everyday…also jen is very smart…I LOVE U GUYS VERY MUCH UR THE BEST….i mostly like lucky block bedwars, hide and seek and find the buttong so please do more of those i love u very much i dont this im ever going to stop typind but i love love love love love loveee u very much

  • Rebecca Henley 1 month ago

    Why would you act like a 🐰 Jen.AT THE BEGINNING

  • Coolz Endy 1 month ago

    I am still celebrating too

  • Skitty Kitty 1 month ago

    yo su bilnd yalll

  • puppy 456 1 month ago

    Great vid

  • Kate Feja Layug 1 month ago

    Hello pat and jen 🤗☺🤓😹😺❣

  • Ifigenia Arkadiou 1 month ago

    B. Pub

  • vasiliki 1 month ago

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ppppppllllllaaaayyyy animal jam

  • LBV Creator 1 month ago

    please can you comment to my youtube chanel (LBVCreator) to tell me what to improve on. I love you guys

  • Aidan Amos 1 month ago

    Play fortnite plz

  • Josh and Brad Owen brothers 1 month ago

    Pat your da best youtuber

  • GMIX COMEDIANS 1 month ago

    Your first score was 420


  • Tim Wexler 1 month ago

    Paaat can you please make merch (merchandise Your clothes ( not literally your own)

  • Tim Wexler 1 month ago

    I subbed and notification and liked

  • Jihan Djouada 1 month ago

    this is what you are looking for 26:04

  • Jun Hao 1 month ago

    Pat doesnt deserve the first point because of the glitch

  • Lenka Olšarová 1 month ago

    Hide As de yedi

  • angela barrett 1 month ago

    Like if pat and Jen are the best YouTubers eva!

  • Herodestroyer678 feria 1 month ago

    Popularmmos you should do face Cam

  • Crackercream AJ 1 month ago

    Jen: helooooo! Pat: :kills: XD that was sad (24:28)

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