Minecraft Live Stream! Bridges, Build Battle,


  • x-men lol 1 week ago

    How do I get minecraft on my computer

  • x-men lol 1 week ago

    For me its like watching bridges friday

  • Gamer Mandy lee Vlogs 1 week ago

    i miss your live stream

  • Ecem _Ece 1 week ago

    Chad wth why are you making so many live streams?!?!?!!?!?!

    I dont get it😱

  • iz_angelina paulino 1 week ago

    Me toooo nuuuuuuuuuu

  • Maddy Sornsim 1 week ago


  • 7ctavares 1 week ago


  • Animal loversTV 1 week ago

    On roblox plz friend me. Its coolkittygamer13836

  • Space Cat 1 week ago

    I live in Finland 🇫🇮 so I’m always sleeping when you stream 🙁

  • Fluffy cousins 1 week ago

    Aww I miss it

  • Kitty Lover 1 week ago

    Can U Do Another LiveStream

  • DogBro 1 week ago

    plz do a nether survival series

  • Amira Turner 1 week ago

    It’s Friday for me!

  • Amira Turner 1 week ago

    I’m doing sorry that I missed the stream

  • PusheinTacoCat 11 1 week ago

    Hiiiiiii chad

  • lillian yurkewecz 1 week ago


  • Jessica Kratzer 1 week ago

    i have a three day weekend plus one chad day

  • Dylan Shellhammer 1 week ago

    you said iron its irn

  • Jessica Smith 1 week ago


  • Marcia Bossler 1 week ago

    When I am watching this it is Friday-home sick. But that does not mean I can’t watch your videos Sunday.

  • GIRL RACER 09 1 week ago

    Love you

  • Yuny Leach 1 week ago

    I am from Florida and it will probably snow on Friday it is going to be 27 degrees

  • M Taylor 1 week ago

    Chad play pixel gun please pleeeeaaaasssseee

  • Bob Lockerby 1 week ago

    Did I miss it?

  • Kingdrake08 08 1 week ago

    Your not live

  • Freddyposadas144 1 week ago

    hi u asome

  • Moises Lopez 1 week ago


  • Adalee Wilson 1 week ago

    hi can you reply pls

  • Sophia Ellwood 1 week ago

    chad i live in wellington

  • Tasha Polvado 1 week ago

    do u have losterm memorylos

  • Tasha Polvado 1 week ago

    like dori

  • Selene Aguilar 1 week ago


  • Selene Aguilar 1 week ago


  • Faye Ahern 1 week ago


  • EMILY LIN 1 week ago

    When ever I am able to play Minecraft Bridges and is able to play with Chad I need to be sure to always get on Chads team other wise he will murder my face off

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