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  • Goober13md 3 weeks ago

    I just ate some cement.

  • Jo Wh 3 weeks ago

    If minimum wage went to 15$/hr Mickey d’s Big Mac would be $20 and half the employees would be replaced be machines, hello self check out.

  • Signing OnOff 3 weeks ago

    The government is also incentivized (i think that’s the right word) to raise minimum wage because they get a percentage of what you get; higher the minimum wage the more tax money they recieve.

  • knus1959 3 weeks ago

    About the minimum wages …. you should have stronger unions to take care of the employees wages and be sure of everyone have a contract. But the company do have to have an agreement with the union too, or ells you don’t have the union to help and protect you. I know, that the unions in the us isn’t great, compared to those in Europe. 🙂

  • Ricardo Ramirez 3 weeks ago

    Up here in Ontario they just raised the minimum wage, after two plus years with this new company, getting a small raise each year I am now making the same as the newest hire who just started a few weeks ago.
    When it comes to wages nothing ever works like it’s suppose to.

  • megan rickit 3 weeks ago

    Min wage here is nearly $17 and we have free health care your politicians are screwing u.

  • Batcheeba Batcheeba 3 weeks ago

    Average wage pr month in Norway is $5.600 before tax…minimun wage is $20….minimum wage at $7 is beyond crazy.

  • Caayydenn 3 weeks ago

    I work fast food and I can tell you that most of them do drugs or have been to prison because of drugs.. Or buy them

  • Anime Ronin 3 weeks ago

    Support the farmers. We get paid a lot fewer times a year than the people at Buffalo Wild Wings (or whatever place you eat) and we have a lot of risks; too little rain, too much rain, bugs, weeds, natural disasters, low prices at sale time, and then we have to pay the people who either gather and transport and store our crops or just do any part of those three.

  • bwractive 3 weeks ago

    Whatever restaurant you eat at, in the end all the food comes from a farm somewhere, so in eating at the restaurant you also employ the farms aswell. ( and transport and packaging and buyers/sellers and the store etc.) Pretty simple i’d say…

    Only question you need to ask is: am i getting food at this place.
    At a restaurant, yes probably good food even, but mcdonalds, no thats not food, not even close…so healthwise you’d better go and buy some stuff right at the farmer probably.

  • MrViscious 3 weeks ago

    Cost of living is different city to city. A livable wage here in Atlanta is a lot lower than a livable wage in NY or DC. So I never understood the national minimum wage

  • ParadoxialHippie 3 weeks ago

    Ignoring the content of the commentary. Did anybody else have problems hearing Guude in this episode? I had to turn it up to barely hear what he was saying, but then it was like Jsano was shouting at me in his regular speaking voice. Also tough luck about the creeper, I did not see that coming.

  • Paul Wilbur 3 weeks ago

    actually the franchisee who owns the bww is probably a local business person too. only 4%-5% of revenues is paid to bww corporate.

  • Orxenhorf 3 weeks ago

    If you are not receiving at least minimum wage in a tipped job, you are getting ripped off by the employer and it is illegal! Federal law requires them to make up the difference if the low ‘base’ wage plus tips don’t make it to minimum wage.

    I’ll grant you that some jobs are underpaid at minimum wage, and the C-level versus worker wage gap is COMPLETELY out of hand, but not every single job needs to be a sole source of support either. Working a second job and/or having a roommate are still valid options.

    An across the board raise to the minimum wage is just a recipe for inflation. If the high school kid at McDonalds starts making enough to support a home, the cook at a restaurant who knows some recipes and how long to cook stuff for will want more, then the bartender will say they have to know even more drink mixes plus judge if people are too drunk, so they should get more than those other guys, … move on to construction framers, landscapers outside all day in bad weather, machinery operators with physically dangerous jobs, etc…. It’ll just keep moving up the chain, prices will go up, and cost of living will go up, and you are back to square one.

  • Elijah Merg 3 weeks ago

    inflation causes problems. it explains why things happen with wages that makes it much more difficult to survive on

  • Afro Samurai79 3 weeks ago

    ok min. wage at $15.00 an hour is $28,800 a year before tax.

  • Sam Sproul 3 weeks ago

    this episode is wild.
    jsano is really showing how out of touch he is.

  • Brandon Faltin 3 weeks ago

    Farmers actually have either large amount of acres or have very little. Most where I am from have huge swaths of land, but are not large operations. It is best to support the farmers if you can because they are local and very nice people!

  • Toxic_Waste92 3 weeks ago

    Here in Ontario Canada minimum wage was just raised from $11.60 an hour to $14 an hour as of January 1st 2018 and will be raised to $15 per hour on January 1st 2019… in my opinion the idea of minimum wage is stupid… here in Canada we have a student wage which was $10.90 an hour and a minimum wage which was $11.60 an hour. I feel like Student wage should be $11 per hour and minimum wage should be $13 an hour, student wage would be the lowest legal amount paid for people under the age of 18, minimum wage would be the lowest amount legally allowed to be paid to people over the age of 18. However, if your over 18 and you have 2+ years of experience at a job you should receive a raise that brings your hourly wage to between $13.50-$14.50 rather then $13 per hour… this new wage would be called experienced minimum wage… I feel like any establishment that doesn’t require a college diploma to work at should pay employees one of the three wages listed above… however for any job where employees are required to have a college and/or university education should have a minimum wage of $14.50 an hour… my reasoning behind this is because places that don’t require an education level above high school shouldn’t be lifetime jobs, your fast food joints or grocery stores should be a starting job for people who are still in school or who are just entering the work force… for people who can’t attended a post secondary education institute should still be able to make most ends meet for between $13.50-$14.50 per hour… but for those who put in time, money and effort into getting the education to work at their desired job should make $14.50 an hour or more… I don’t think minimum wage should ever be the standard for what people are paid, however some jobs aren’t worth more then minimum wage… the big thing is that people want a living wage and not a minimum wage but unfortunately not all jobs are worth paying someone $15 for… but I also think that just because someone can’t get an education or has kids or whatever it is that prevents them from getting a higher paying job shouldn’t be screwed over into making minimum wage… that’s why I think after 2 years of experience employers should give employees a raise… and if they were being paid minimum wage prior to that raise they should be able to get a raise of some kind… I think that between 10 cents to a dollar raise is reasonable… my thought process is that minimum wage should not be the amount people gets paid, intact I think people should make more then minimum wage… however in some instances it is either not possible or not reasonable to pay a person over minimum wage… my ideas aren’t perfect but I feel like it’s better then a $15 an hour minimum wage… if minimum wage was $15 an hour you would see cashiers lose their jobs and self checkouts and order stations take over, you would see more robots entering the workforce to do simple tasks… this would lead to thousands if not millions of lost jobs… if I had the choice between barely making ends meet at minimum wage versus losing my job I’d pick minimum wage… however I’d rather make ends meet without having to skip meals or go without power… so raising minimum wage is a good thing but raising it to $15 an hour would be stupid… as for waiters or waitresses in the fast food scene I think that they shouldn’t be paid less because they get tips… pay them minimum wage and get rid of the 20% gratuity tip that’s tacked onto your bill… instead make tips optional so if a person feels like the service was good they can tip, but wether or not they tip or if the tip is large or small these servers still get to go home with money… sadly sone people can’t afford to tip so this would make it so people who can’t afford to tip don’t have to and the server will still make good money regardless… that’s my opinion on wages… sorry for the rambling

  • spud4242 3 weeks ago

    maybe raising the price of fast food in america would be a good thing.. might lower the obesity rate!!!!

  • Fire n Icex 3 weeks ago

    I mean if everyone is making enough money to survive the places like mcdonalds can actually raise their prices and everyone could afford it anyway.

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