More Minecraft on Mindcrack! Guano has a home and


  • loop 323 5 days ago

    are guude and jsano the only two mindcrackers left now… 🙁

  • samtherat6 5 days ago

    Dang…It took Jeff 3 episodes to do one channel from sea level to bedrock, and t hat’s not even including digging out the area above it. Even in MC Edit I could see this taking a full day.

  • CyrilRBT 5 days ago

    oh this is going to take them months to complete

  • Frankie Lee 5 days ago

    So, I don’t know if you guys really understand just how big this project is. Here are some numbers:

    You have 21 “lanes” that are 3 blocks wide, meaning that the farm is 63 plantable blocks wide.
    The farm is going to be from bedrock to the build limit, meaning that there will be 256 layers, and each layer will be 7 blocks long, therefore length of the farm will be: 256×7=1792 blocks long.

    63 plantable blocks wide x 1,792 blocks long=112,896 plantable blocks.
    So, you’ll need 112,896 seeds. That’s 1,764 stacks of seeds, or enough to fill almost 33 double chests.

    And that’s just seeds. I don’t really feel like doing the math for how many half slabs, buckets of water, pieces of glowstone, etc, but you get the picture. I think you guys are going to want to make getting a full beacon a priority before continuing with the digging, cause this farm is absolutely insane.

  • musepsycho 5 days ago

    Re: Previous episode. Harry Potter Lego will be coming back this year!

  • David Boivin 5 days ago

    you guys are probably going to need to test how far an item can go without despawning and then hopper/droper combo to reset the timer on them

  • knus1959 5 days ago

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  • rbrucerye 5 days ago

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  • Michael Peace 4 days ago

    Have you considered TNT to help speed digging?

  • Orxenhorf 4 days ago

    I was just about to suggest gravel… Also, when you have phantom blocks, just try placing another block next to it.

  • 2Arcticwolves 4 days ago

    Guude, why do you want the farm open to the sky, instead of leaving it in the tunnel? I don’t understand and would really like to know. Thanks. 🙂

  • Maria Shyra 4 days ago


  • Hunter Baker 4 days ago

    You have probably already been told but in case you havent, u can place blocks where the ghost blocks are to get rid of them. No need for logging out.

  • Kento10 4 days ago

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