Dat music boi:
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  • M DeAngelo 6 months ago

    You got a lot of hootspa Misutā Supākoru

  • Savage Kakashi 6 months ago


  • Calla Bassett 6 months ago

    Jordan, are you really asking why there’s so much traffic on the road from Las Vegas to California on a Sunday?

  • F1 Player 6 months ago

    Anyone else think you can do level 3 by jumping to a different lane?

  • Sam Dumenigo 6 months ago

    JORDAN hi One question do you remember james the odd1sout from vidcon Just asking 😀 xd Also great vid

  • Omar Linseed 6 months ago

    Plase do vanilla minecraft (the base game

  • Edmira Metlliu 6 months ago


  • Brenda Asbury 6 months ago

    Captinsparklez if there was no oxygen there would be no humans to build the car and there would be no purpose for it lol (:

  • There was a guy escaping police succesfully doing parkour onto a moveing train. Dont know about cars though

  • Lucas Lyche 6 months ago

    Headphones are for your head

  • Nscap Gaming-minecraft 6 months ago

    I uploaded a vid on this map as well but I uploaded it b4 sparklez did

  • LPS_beaglegamer10 6 months ago

    What hapind to sen

  • GamerGuitarGuy 6 months ago

    I can use the launchpad if you have one

  • GamerGuitarGuy 6 months ago

    Through a good voice chat

  • matt30707 6 months ago

    Wish inertia was a factor in this

  • Christopher Louis 6 months ago

    Wow. Traffic is pretty bad.

  • John-Paul Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Hey Jordan, I know you probably won’t see this, but if you do, you should bring back Top of the World as your outro, even just for one video! It would defiantly be cool for all us older fans of your channel!

  • TorqueDawg 6 months ago


  • drewlowell 6 months ago

    i got hella shook by the headphones being in his left hand because i play minecraft left handed and now my perception is warped

  • Dwight. D Eisenhower 6 months ago

    Shout out to tbnrkenworth?

  • Peter Soenksen 6 months ago

    Saw you in sky bounds earlier can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • Anyone else notice how Jordan uses “WW” to run instead of control

  • chester Christina 6 months ago

    How much is 100RM into USA $?

  • Samuel Wulfign 6 months ago

    People do move mouses Jordan XD most cases comes down to cutting it in half then transporting the houses to a new block of land.

  • Pickle Rick 6 months ago

    The cars weren’t actually moving, so it’s no different than other parkour maps. The only difference is that the ground is weird

  • Pamela Hills 6 months ago

    Why is X33N linked in the description XD

  • Sparkour 6 months ago


  • Ryan Lyall 6 months ago

    Jordan have you not seen the clip where the guy tries to hop on a police car fails and gets pummeled to the ground 😖

  • Sam Teinert 6 months ago

    Those are some slow moving cars…

  • Kaycee's Stuff 6 months ago

    Captain Sparkles😍😍😝

  • Marios Bairaktaris 6 months ago

    Can I have the texture pack I have ideas for it

  • Skarukin Dovohkiin 6 months ago

    “Yeah babe im driving ho…GOOD DAMN PEOPLE JUMPING ON MY CAR!!!!”

  • BingoGreenPig 6 months ago

    your audio and camera are off timed from the gameplay

  • u12bdragon 6 months ago

    You actually have to click the thing to listen to music

  • Rhealynn Dyer 6 months ago

    I’m glad he did this on his own, I like X33n but I like watching him on his own to so plz do more on ur own

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