• PopularMMOs 2 weeks ago

    We are back!!!!! This game was actually really fun too! Enjoy guys!

  • LichTheLegend 1319 2 weeks ago


  • Ariel stem 2 weeks ago

    How is Jen sooooooooooooooooooooo retarded

  • Andrea Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Omg, I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I love you guys more than I love Jacksepticeye!! ❤️❤️

  • Ana Cabell 2 weeks ago

    love you Jen hope you get better

  • Emily Lee 2 weeks ago

    Love you jen and pay I subscribe

  • 박성희 2 weeks ago

    Thumbs up if you love cloud pat and jen

  • Emily Lee 2 weeks ago

    Sorry misspell

  • Phoebe Heng 2 weeks ago


    Day in Febuary

  • Letty Nuñez 2 weeks ago

    Do bed wars together again please i am begging you

  • Katianna Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    Omg I’m so happy to see this because itsfunneh played this!

  • Dillon Pojar 2 weeks ago

    Hey pat make some more videos for clouds channel

  • tristin bauer 2 weeks ago

    Bond. Jen Bond

  • Tess Sanwick 2 weeks ago

    It’s probably pernounced my-low instead of me-low

  • Lidni Ngigi 2 weeks ago

    Im happy jen is getting better!!

  • Elfaza Celine 2 weeks ago

    7:17 i am shocked

  • Natalie Hatter 2 weeks ago

    Do more death runs

  • Larah gaming 2 weeks ago

    Can u play all the mini games in the map plzzz

  • random person 2 weeks ago

    Do this on hypixel

  • Evan Yliniemi 2 weeks ago

    Hi I missed jen in your vidos

  • Scarlett Beasley 2 weeks ago

    Anyone hear Jen at 7:18?

  • Yu Xiang Yao 2 weeks ago

    Pat your such a mother 🤬 your so bad at this

  • Cutie Cloudie 2 weeks ago

    No hate but u guys are sooooo bad

  • Cindy chan 2 weeks ago

    “honestly I think I sound better with a voice”

    I’m sure we all do Jen XD

  • The Sky Walker 2 weeks ago

    Pat you can fake like when you are running you can like do a jump fake

  • Isabelle Broderick 2 weeks ago

    Can you play more of these I lllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee these

  • bambam sebastian 2 weeks ago

    pat please play this kind of map it’s so fun

  • bambam sebastian 2 weeks ago

    death run challenge!

  • agung bali 2 weeks ago

    Seriously jen is always sick

  • Dark Angel 2 weeks ago

    Play this in a server plz and love u😘💘

  • Ruby Kaur 2 weeks ago


  • Cupcake The Night Fury 2 weeks ago

    There should be a “Captain” in there somewhere

  • ale hoa 2 weeks ago

    this is better in gmod…..still good vid though 🙂

  • Queen Olivia The first 2 weeks ago

    FullSizeRender.jpg lol

  • Super Slimer 2 weeks ago

    Luv u

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