• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    Enjoy guys!!! Replying to a bunch of you!!!

  • My_Drawing_ Rocks! 1 month ago

    **ur in bed with your partner** I JUST WANT TO RUB YOUR NOSE

  • Kitty Cake 1 month ago

    hey pat and jen! i <3 your channel so so much and you guys always inspire me to do my best no matter what. You guys also put a smile on my face especially when i am having a bad day i <3 you guys so much and hope that you keep up all the great work!

  • michel li 1 month ago

    i love ur vids!

  • your addicted 1 month ago

    PAT! Did you hear about the new aquatic update?

  • Shanna Goodwin 1 month ago


  • VLOGS4LIFE JANINA 1 month ago

    Pat the next time you play this Mini Game, you have to have a “Best Costume Wear”, where you press the button to get a random class and then you model them, take a selfie and then you put a hashtag for you and for Jen of who got the best class between both of you and then we will comment!

  • Corbin Family 1 month ago

    Yay yay yay

  • Lisa Foxall 1 month ago


  • Missy Dunkin 1 month ago

    In the crafting dead have you put each other in poki balls

  • Missy Dunkin 1 month ago

    <3 you

  • B-rice Madness 1 month ago


  • Robert Williams 1 month ago


  • Maverik 1 month ago

    Change your intro

  • L Santist 1 month ago

    My birthday is today give this 50 thumbs up ☺😄

  • Axel Corona Corona 1 month ago

    Hey guys if pat and Jen are not making enough videos then go to little lizard and tiny turtles channel

  • Savage Girl JJ 1 month ago

    If this gets 100 likes I’ll tell my crush I like him

    Plz don’t like…

  • Mike C 1 month ago

    Pat was my goat🐐. Ha

  • Cleo Hernandez 1 month ago


  • ZnovaGaming 1 month ago

    the quote is “we are all mad here”

  • Benjamin Smythia 1 month ago

    jen is the killer in the crafting dead

  • Abby Garner 1 month ago


  • thomas Launey 1 month ago

    dude its sonic calls him robuttnick ok!

  • Ella Nielsen 1 month ago

    i love u guys sm i really enjoy your vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SUBSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBEEEEEDDDD like 100000000000000000000000 years ago……… but stilll LOVE ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333

  • idtexasgal 1 month ago

    thanks for that Pat (oh,and Jen)

  • 0Mike0B 1 month ago

    wow my neighbor tried to kill me once this triggers me!!!11

  • fal n vin reacts,paints,gaming and more 1 month ago

    Hey pat play minecraft story mode season 2! Episode 4 is out now!😀😀😀😀

  • Sebastian Andrei 1 month ago

    pat king ko sa na pvp ta yo sa na po

  • Sebastian Andrei 1 month ago


  • Brittany Berry 1 month ago

    i was not exspectin the drawl in the begenning wooooooowoowowowowow

  • Camila Mendez 1 month ago


  • lukas mcgahee 1 month ago

    jen and pat are not the killer

  • Harris KIDS 1 month ago

    Pat saved 7 victims and Jen saved 6 victims. What is the answer is they BOTH saved 7?

  • TobyJamesGames 1 month ago


  • TobyJamesGames 1 month ago

    I subbed

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