• PopularMMOs 9 months ago

    It has been quite awhile since we did a map like this!! Hope you guys enjoy!

  • 6300 Kylo 9 months ago

    Jen gets 4 for cheating by flying and pat gets 9 -1 for the fail

  • Hazel Angelica 9 months ago

    jen 10 pat 0

  • Charles Thomson 9 months ago

    I give jen a 0/10 bc of cheats

  • Jenny Wark 9 months ago

    Hi pat and Jen I love your videos

  • A Girouard 9 months ago

    Good job with par core Jen!😻😘😜😁😄

  • yacino bouraoui 9 months ago


  • Leilah Brunning 9 months ago

    Where are ur videos I miss them- please post a video😊

  • Samuel Sitorus 9 months ago

    d m ffidiot

  • Phúc Nguyễn 9 months ago

    I hope the crafting dreath comback soon

  • Gaming with Dare Master YT 9 months ago

    Jen to be honest I would give you a 15 out of ten for your effort

  • Aulia Amin 9 months ago

    Pat ldshadowlady and smallishbeans play this map before you guys

  • BlazingIce6257 - StrikeFrost 9 months ago


  • Charlie Knight 9 months ago


  • Lemon 230 9 months ago

    you should go lock at some of his videos
    about you

  • N. de Freitas 9 months ago

    Can i het 13 likes for no reason

  • Janice Kendell 9 months ago

    i thing jen did a 4 in parcore by shabbier

  • Lauren Li 9 months ago


  • Isaac Brash 9 months ago

    you missed a furball at the beginning of the island jumps

  • Aulia Amin 9 months ago

    You miss one furrball it is in the haert founten

  • Георги Костов 9 months ago

    pls I dont have subscribers pls subscribe

  • BFF Forever 9 months ago

    did I heard pat say cap! #LOL!!

  • LOLGaming 9 months ago

    Pat why did you stop making mob battles?

  • Kia Ghorbani 9 months ago


  • BannanaFish 9 months ago


  • JaYyZiE JaY 9 months ago

    Jen Gets 1000/10 Pat Gets 2/10 Nope u get 1.1/0 That’s Better And Helloooo Byee

  • TheDogeGuy 9 months ago

    Show me your red neck level

  • Davis Sessions 9 months ago


  • Peter Grebenczenko 9 months ago

    I think she did pretty good

  • Homie Cat 9 months ago


  • That Crazy Fan girl 9 months ago

    You guys should recreate your old videos like the sky block stuff and “try” to do the voice without swearing

  • DoggGamer 11 9 months ago

    These guys are blind 1 out of all the hair balls they were not able to find and I was that makes me think how blind they or I must be like if u agree when Jen had trouble in that mini parkour after they opened the gate the second bit of the mini parkour there was a chest under the sandstone block and pat look at it like 5 times which made me rage the loudest I had ever pls stop the rage quits

  • The Legendary Scrub 9 months ago

    Pat, it’s been awhile since your latest vid. What happened?

  • Alex Costello 9 months ago

    You should do a enderman parkour map ,when your a enderman and do 3 parkour maps with the morph mod

  • Scott Taylor 9 months ago


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