• Rani Johal 4 months ago

    Hi you and Jen are the best

  • damia zahra 4 months ago

    you gote 13m sub

  • LuyoSanFox Gaming's 4 months ago

    15:55 why would you forgot to close the door =_=

  • Heidi Kritzinger 4 months ago

    moooore hidenseek !!!!!!

  • I'mma Cat boi 4 months ago


  • Iftikhar Ahmad 4 months ago

    I remember Pat please reply

  • Ditya Pinatih 4 months ago

    7:15 can’t stop laughing

  • JESSICA BOLSTER!!!!! 4 months ago

    Merry Christmas to you too😊

  • Pickle Rick 4 months ago


  • Eugene Ramirez 4 months ago

    13 million congrats

  • eric santiago 4 months ago

    more spot the difference!

  • Randollph Onza 4 months ago


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  • Dreama Phillips 4 months ago

    Hey pat can you and jen play five nights at freddy’s 6

  • Julia Rainbow 2.0 4 months ago

    :c I’m just not important

  • [KTF] TheTidark390 4 months ago

    I have school this week and thr second …=(

  • rizky sanjaya 4 months ago

    Ohh this ap at 19:20 remember the furnace went pat is the hider the halairius idk the he still remember that jen step it 3 or 2 or4 time

  • marian chrestie elisan 4 months ago

    Jen was hinding as snow but she hide with the quarets so she stand like a sour tum

  • DanCreatez - Minecraft 4 months ago

    WTH is packed snow?

  • Ben Tube HD 4 months ago

    Oh I love this game!

  • Fireblaster 5961 4 months ago

    U no technology when u already tecknoligying

  • DIYCHANNEL _queen 4 months ago

    You know who’s the best person in the world

    NoBody what did you think I was gonna say???

  • Starstruck 120 4 months ago

    Lol when you think something’s funny in the episode and you go to like it…. only to find you already have….. why can’t there be 100 like buttons!!!???

  • Laffing Cat 4 months ago

    I have a simon JEN >:(

  • prinsess Amber Wong 4 months ago

    ◕‿‿◕ chuuu-

  • Roblox Dude 4 months ago

    Today is my birthday and I’m sick apparently 1 like=1 medicine

  • Hoang Xuan Lan 4 months ago

    Is almost my birthday !

  • Legolord623 4 months ago

    I was here since 500K subs and I have enjoyed watching you guys. My days if there bad get better when I watch your videos. When my days are good, I still watch them and it makes my day better

  • Issac Lee M R 4 months ago

    Pat can you add more hide & seek vidios

  • Unicorn Galaxy 4 months ago

    Pat so much english gud😂❤

  • The Gaming Army 4 months ago

    YOU GUYS HIT 13,0000!!!!!!!!! I’ve bean subscribed since 2014 and now you have 13,0000 subscribers!!!

  • Santa Fire 4 months ago

    13 MILLION!

  • Lasha Cincadze 4 months ago

    Packed Snow
    -Pat 2017

  • Shadow Master 4 months ago

    It was concrete

  • Unicorn Galaxy 4 months ago

    U KNO WHO ELSE ENGLISH GUD? Jen it is the most sense of the senses😂💜👍

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