• Heather Ramos 2 weeks ago


  • the_blokinator 2 weeks ago

    pat: OH NO

    Jen: what?

  • MadZombieDude [X] 2 weeks ago

    Im pretty sure the neon candy makes u into a admin

  • Audrey King 2 weeks ago

    Pat looks #pro

  • Yoda Does Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Omg pats stuff in the battle was so op😂

  • blooby burner 2 weeks ago

    Can u do a birthday cake on 5 th February

  • Kawaii princess squishy 2 weeks ago


  • Robobatboy 10 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos keep them up

  • Marina Codreanu 2 weeks ago

    I mean i am gona SEE it S-o muck

  • Madtrack 2 weeks ago

    Please create competitive series

  • Garnet De cleve 2 weeks ago

    Pat you said spawpnoit

  • Malachi Almaroud 2 weeks ago

    Hey. Pat. It. Is. Dor-i-os

  • Myla Gaspay 2 weeks ago

    ilove you

  • Eira Gera 2 weeks ago

    Pinch punch 1st of the month no returns

    EDIT: I posted this on the 3rd………

  • Miguel Cortez 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos☺

  • Miguel Cortez 2 weeks ago

    You guys make my day every day

  • Kareem Sherif 2 weeks ago

    ، •.

  • The Cathedral Catholic Primary School 2 weeks ago


  • Wizard Ninja 2 weeks ago

    RULE: no flying

  • Budi Santoso 2 weeks ago

    so easy pat? but you die HAHAHAHA

  • Samuel Jones 2 weeks ago

    only pat is allowed to win. 🙂

  • mohammad nader 2 weeks ago


  • Mohi Uddin Ahmed 2 weeks ago


  • Pro At Gaming3124 2 weeks ago

    Do the doritos challenge games make some creatures very op

  • Samuel Williams Jr 2 weeks ago

    My son and i love your channel.

  • Fiona Bubble 2 weeks ago

    If you want it then you should’ve put a dorito on it!LOL

  • Modestas Slavinskas 2 weeks ago

    Pat you had flight from the butter chestplate

  • Khuyagaa Bilguun 2 weeks ago

    pat:i have 1 block left

  • Lpscollie Production1103 2 weeks ago

    It’s my birthday!! 😸

  • POKESBIGGEST _FAN 2 weeks ago


  • Popular Player 2 weeks ago

    So overpienss 😂😂 lol

  • Hime desu 2 weeks ago

    Use flower lucky block

  • Hime desu 2 weeks ago


  • Wynne Indonesia 2 weeks ago

    1. Jen will win the race because pat just waited her and he didn’t tell her that she can’t open the blocks
    2. The battle isn’t fair because you can fly, i liked it more when you decided to fight without armour like what you did last time

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