• GREEN TNT DRAGON 3 months ago

    humongous fungus # fungus

  • makeupbydavi 3 months ago

    Call Clauncher typhoonoz

  • Death man Haha 3 months ago

    Skydoesminecraft is deleting his channel

  • AwesomeKidGamingHD 3 months ago

    i love dis

  • King Gibbons 3 months ago

    Pixeldip made this

  • Mac Attack pro 3 months ago

    When is ark coming back

  • Zack2048 3 months ago

    Where can I get this

  • Kendrick Tang 3 months ago

    PixelDip also play this and also happy new year everyone

  • Infinity 4902 3 months ago

    Name the Darumaka Sumo Maka

  • Eth Cookie 3 months ago

    Who else is going to be in this, youtubers.

  • kankersukkelhoer 3 months ago

    I like it

  • Solar Rex 3 months ago

    Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emerald Turtwig 3 months ago

    Try using a Serpirior which is snivys final form. Unova starter

  • aiden keener aiden keener 3 months ago

    I saw there bad

  • Furious Flamer 3 months ago

    When new Star Wars I’ve been waiting for ever

  • RobbyBladeGames 3 months ago

    Name Clauncher Deu, it sounds like dew but it means he gave a the prof gave u a starter and please continue this series

  • NRG 23 3 months ago

    Name clauncher Flyingoister name foongus mario and name darumaka ( check if darumaka has the secret ability zen mode, if so make him a special attaker) Bananas. For a team idea go all flying types so you can be a crazed bird man and have your house a flying bird with bird cages all dotted around the wings.And because it’s factions have tnt cannons inside the cages.

  • Tom Walker 3 months ago

    What server is this?

  • Tiny Chase 3 months ago

    One of each element call clauncher crab Jesus and please may you have a infernape on your team

  • Tiny Chase 3 months ago


  • Dalilista 3 months ago

    i do

  • rpbyrd 22 3 months ago

    video goes down to copyright and two hours later marvel gives a statement.

  • dragon 0209 3 months ago

    Hey Xylo there is a game called Pokémon insurgence that you can download. It has different mega evolutions and an amazing story line

  • Ben D 3 months ago

    Claw claw

  • Steve the past herobrine D 3 months ago

    Name foongus pokeshroom

  • Oh ahi 3 months ago

    Teach foongus giga drain

  • King Red 3 months ago


  • Dylan Hanbury 3 months ago

    This is by pixel dip

  • Luke M 3 months ago

    clauncher could be Mr crabs

  • Lucas Goldman 3 months ago

    Get a buizel

  • 1000 Subs Without A Vid?!?! 3 months ago

    Is it a public server?

  • TheDream Breaker 3 months ago

    If you ever need some information on any gen just ask me I’ve played them all and know pretty much everything there is to know on the Pokemon, competitive, etc

  • TheDream Breaker 3 months ago

    Oh and you should name the Darumaka All Might because it looks like him when it evolves

  • Austin Maselli 3 months ago

    Anyone else see the master ball at 21:50?

  • hello person 3 months ago

    Freaking xlyo’s reason for catching its red like poke ball so it wants to be caught

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