• L8Games - Minecraft 5 months ago

    Today we have the funniest quiz yet, Alolan VS Non-Alolan Pokémon, and MORE!!
    The Pixelmon GAME SHOW is AWESOME!! What was your favorite part? 😋

    ALSO! We have TWO MORE VIDEOS coming TODAY!! #HYPE

  • Crystal Albert 5 months ago

    Hey i got mewtwo

  • Riley Doggett 5 months ago

    Jordan……… you are the BEST! I HAVE CONVERTED TO THE BLUE SIDE!!!

  • Evil Chara 5 months ago

    5:16 Nick’s rage begiiiins XDDD

    I died they’re XDDDDDD

  • Adam Bigeni 5 months ago

    Moxie raises speed after every KO

  • Torres Gabriel 5 months ago

    MY favorite is Jordan’s big Failure how can you not figure it out Jordan you are acted like a idiot no fences dude but the bragging

  • MaTa Batrac 5 months ago

    I love this series so much !!!! Plsss do more of it

  • water pumps out 5 months ago

    Love this series

  • Borislav Georgiev 5 months ago

    you should play ultra sun or moon on megamoon

  • neeraj nath 5 months ago

    U guys didn’t pick which pokemon u will keep

  • Zakaria Al Zahed 5 months ago

    Why did u guys not get move relearners

  • Danelle Vigil 5 months ago

    My favorite part is the lucky blockTeam blue

  • Thijs Tubers 5 months ago


  • Pauline Kinsella 5 months ago

    L8games can u plz make these vids a bit shorter they are a bit to long

  • Craige Brown 5 months ago

    Wow nick was verry mad

  • Craige Brown 5 months ago

    Lol nick got w boofy boofy

  • SirIronCrafted 5 months ago

    Do you need an adult.. I am an adult. Ahhhhh DBZ Abridged

  • Life of Orlando Pranks and other stuff 5 months ago


  • Berry Lion 5 months ago


  • andrija arula 5 months ago

    you forgot too keep a pokemon

  • The ExplosiveEnderman 5 months ago

    Me and you #teamblue
    You and me #teamgreen
    A B only one team for me
    C D and with all my honesty
    You and me I just can’t be this team
    Me and you #TEAMBLUE

  • Mike Williams 5 months ago

    Croconaw evolves at level 30 but good video though.

  • This is such a good series! 😁

  • RedShepie 101 5 months ago


  • 이권우 5 months ago

    You guys forgot to keep one Pokémon….

  • Moosina Craft 5 months ago


  • derpy poo 5 months ago

    Jordan you are an ampharos is just electric its mege is eletric drogon

  • Dylan Hanbury 5 months ago

    You didn’t keep Pokemon

  • William Fuller Jr 5 months ago

    Who will get married first Nick or jordan

  • BritMonTeacher 5 months ago

    This is my new favorite series!

  • CreativeGamer8 5 months ago

    Funniest ending ever!

  • THE GAMER123 5 months ago

    Jordan is sooooo dum

  • PixelRider 5 months ago

    i caught tapu lele wen u sed tapu lele

  • PixelRider 5 months ago

    one day, you could do an episode called ‘jordan is maried!’ or ‘jordan ghas children!’

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