• Emorej Forelo 3 months ago

    I want this to continue pls

  • Francisco Salto 3 months ago

    Munchlacks ?

  • Baby Mario Gamer 3 months ago

    you guys should play pokemon skyblock on that server

  • Tucker Schroder 3 months ago

    if you lose do you scrap the recording?

  • Solo- Bro 3 months ago


  • Montez Hall 3 months ago

    123 likes nice im gonna add one more to make it 124 hold on I broke the number line………………..

  • TheLittle Bag2317 3 months ago

    I love the intros and episodes of pokewars

  • Crystal Uribe,yyvi de Kafka kilof koo op9qoV, 3 months ago

    Nick be mento and Jordan be shadow mento

  • Crystal Uribe,yyvi de Kafka kilof koo op9qoV, 3 months ago


  • Dragon Fire 3 months ago

    That ending

  • Jed Nijensohn 3 months ago

    no it cuz he was a spectater and he fell off before you so yeah

  • L8Jacob TDM 3 months ago


  • Sean Achesmpong 3 months ago

    It will be better if it was blue

  • Flap Flap Gaming 3 months ago

    This was intense

  • Daniel sucks at Gaming 3 months ago

    They are targeting u u need to report and they get temp ban

  • hey itzfrosty 3 months ago

    Wait y’all throw Away the times u lose

  • Adam Nieves 3 months ago

    look at the episode all the delta pokemon in pokemon insuregence and find snorlax he look just like you two

  • Adam Nieves 3 months ago

    snorlax’s rule!!!!!!!!!

  • Petra Doroteo 3 months ago

    Can you do your favorite starter episode please

  • Armida Rangel 3 months ago


  • MarvinEBS Ulloa 3 months ago

    Were’s your fnaf episods

  • Thunder God 3 months ago

    I got a black screen when nick was fighting yellow

  • Jaden Cortes 3 months ago

    did any body else screen turn black when nick was breaking there base

  • Max - Roblox,Reactions,Shipping,And More 3 months ago

    that was so intense my legs r still shaking alos nick ur an awesome pvp player

  • Epix Gaming 3 months ago

    I’m a big boy

  • Amir R44 3 months ago

    As soon I sing the song in my head you guy play it(snolrax version)

  • Cathal Doyle 3 months ago


  • Axl Calderon 3 months ago

    I like Jordan’s song about Snorlax, I like his singing lol

  • Benjamin Harbin 3 months ago

    your the best

  • pingutierrez 3 months ago

    omg that whos cooo man ooo good do new one 🙂

  • Isaac Siaw 3 months ago

    So epic 😀

  • EthanM81507 Martinez 3 months ago

    That was epif

  • SUNSHINE JONES 3 months ago

    Play as kingler.

  • Cobra_Striker 3 months ago

    I like your videos also I’m Cobra__Strike1217. Keep. Up with the great videos!!

  • Estrada Jorge 3 months ago

    That wás crazy

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