• James Littlejohn 3 months ago

    bring back sarah as her real mom

  • Nathanator 2000 3 months ago

    Who is Amanda’s biological mom? (I know Sarah’s a possibility)

  • ggfire Tice 3 months ago

    man i dont date becase of this

  • ggfire Tice 3 months ago

    hint never did

  • Crafty Gamer 3 months ago

    sick of her now

  • Luigi369 3 months ago

    Let’s give a round of applause to Lindsey the most underused character in both series

  • Anton Villamor 3 months ago

    DAMM Amanda was on her period Edward you sound like joshua

  • Anton Villamor 3 months ago

    Edward you are so stupid and WTF man

  • Shadow fired eye Chad 3 months ago

    Wow she’s a jerk

  • t miles 3 months ago

    Happy 2018 guys

  • EthanGaming 04 3 months ago

    I hope they break up

    No offense

  • A Microwave 3 months ago

    Weres minecraft school shooter part two

  • Greatbeg Greatbegging 3 months ago

    bruh just give her some space then u guys can smash later ok Edward

  • Kaled_the_Killer minecraft Animashen 3 months ago

    They eat the he fother and mother problem😂😂

  • liberty of design 3 months ago

    What has this channel become

  • Zidane Malik As'ad 3 months ago

    Edward, chill my man, u can’t be that clingy towards her

  • kelvin kaj 3 months ago

    Eddy is just a selfish prick

    P.s I know this is made up but still…

  • Kristin Wiebold 3 months ago

    Eddie she said she wanted some space. She has lots on her mind and maybe she isn’t feeling to good. She doesn’t need you hounding her. You are showing her that you are very desperate and that you won’t listen. instead of sounding like a supportive bf you are sounding like a whine child. You and Amanda are just too young. Take a chill pill

  • MrPotato Head 3 months ago

    Why the fuck she take being adopted so my nephew is adopted and he only took it hard for a day but then he realized his parents picked him becau s e they loved him 💘

  • StormBaseball Stick 3 months ago


  • Ian Marbella 3 months ago

    EDDIE. Give the girl the dam space. She wants space. Give her space. If you don’t give her space, it will only make the situation worse! Now stop clinging to her leg, and man up!

  • Hayley Fowler. 3 months ago

    It’s called a period

  • uchiha fan 3 months ago

    Burt should do a episode in the series about his bosses from the movie theater begging him to come back

  • FaZe Chicken 3 months ago


  • DYNAMICBLADE - 3 months ago

    Yeah she might be on a period chicks are always like that

  • Rgrapking 3 months ago

    Wrong Edward it’s not selfish it’s clingy

  • Landon McQuitty 3 months ago


  • Manar Sabri 3 months ago

    Nothing happened including engaging

  • DerLonzo Hudson 3 months ago

    OK Man chill I know how you feel she is just hitting puberty or she is just disappointed about being adopted

  • NinjaBabyWarrior 3 months ago

    1v1 me minecraft

  • Po Po 3 months ago

    She is going to kill her self I know it🙄

  • Predator12 3 months ago

    Wjo wants to see dylan tyler carson kevin jay sarah and bri in another video

  • Jeremiah Legg 3 months ago

    You have failed you should find a new girl

  • JxyTheGoat 3 months ago

    I’m prettty sure she’s on her period I’m going through the same w my girl except we still dating

  • George Adekanle 3 months ago

    Edward leave her alone

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