• kerajel 7 months ago

    Request to open more chance cubes (big ones) and chance isohydrons

  • Hey ETHO, you can use the amulet of water walking or something that you got at the start of the series in your Gaia guardian arena.

  • GoldenNorway1 7 months ago

    An old diesel generator produces far more power than a nuclear power plant? Makes sense.

  • Hotshots Greatest hot wheels videos 7 months ago

    You should dedicate a whole video or however long it takes to get the dracodium* armor. And please don’t spend a video on getting that thing** that allows you to craft things out of thin air.

    *I don’t play project ozone 2 so don’t blame me if this looks derpy.
    **since I dont play project ozone 2 I dont know the name of the thing that allows you to craft things out of thin air.

  • You need a lot of neutron collectors, I had around 120 when I finished the pack. Please just make an energy condenser mk. 1 it allows you to emc thingd without the transmutation table and its 1000 times cheaper!

  • MrRumble 7 months ago

    The emc table is used to transfer items into emc. Emc can be used to make anything you want as long as you have crafted it once

  • StarstormHUN 7 months ago

    You should really just make a gigantic big reactor, they can get upwards of millions of Kirf/tick

  • Carter mullins 7 months ago

    Put your solar panels in the end because its always day time there

  • Tristan TV 7 months ago

    one pile 6min 9 piles 1nugget 9nuggets 1ingot 9ingot 1block

  • catsoften 7 months ago

    Philly cheese stone

  • BrinkTheGamer 7 months ago

    ETHO you do not need to wait till you can make an item in order to make a ME-SYS craft for it. You can just drag and drop the NEI image of the final product and place that image into the recipe result of your blank pattern in the ME-SYS. So for the 8th tier demon ingot, you could have just grabbed it from the nei and place it as the resultant craft in your blank pattern for the me-system.

  • Avan Thakurdeen 7 months ago

    Its been 22 episodes since the last LP video, is everything all right?

  • KingOfTheHill CRO 7 months ago

    Make Saturday much better…upload some Ark 😀

  • Qc Diamond 7 months ago

    You should do an overkill power setup on next episode 🙂

  • Jared Larkin 7 months ago

    Hey Etho, there’s a belt in botania that prevents knockback for the Gaia guardian fight

  • Lil GOAT 7 months ago

    Get depth strider for the Gaia guardian

  • CoopNCode Derp 7 months ago

    And I thought PO2 was dead.

  • Sypher Rogue 7 months ago

    etho you see the extreme crafting table, there is a autocraft version of it, its called the dire autocrafting table, you should take a look at it

  • Mister Butsin 7 months ago

    fucking finally

  • TheBlu3On3 7 months ago

    This is some full metal alchemist stuff going on. Turning villagers into a philosopher stone.

  • logan hoff 7 months ago

    Your going to need millions of iron, gold, diamonds, neither stars, etc

  • I love this series

  • Pls do more

  • Dogetorhue 7 months ago

    if you want to get soul vials automatically you can have a powered spawner in capture mode

  • Pig Nebula 7 months ago

    I wish etho would just make a good big reactor

  • the “staff of animation” lets you turn any block into a mob (which drops the block if killed) and with the help of exact copy you can spawn any block rather easily. This is kinda important later when you start looking into infinity ingots (as soon as you can make infinity ingots you should make enough for the staff of animation and a block of infniity ingots)

  • ilikepiesk Gaming 7 months ago

    Make an energy condenser first; the neutronium collector produces 1 tiny pile of neutrons once per 5 or 6 min (not sure which one) so u need a lot; once u have an energy condenser u can generate emc by crafting ludicrite and emc generating the materials because the materials are about 50k emc while ludicrite is around 450k

  • Markus Igeland 7 months ago

    I love this series! I just wish the episodes were longer! 🙂

  • iApple 7 months ago

    is vanilla sp over with?

  • that Will of Torag item is a pretty clever runescape reference. Torag’s armor in runescape gives your attacks a chance to sap run energy on-hit, which is obviously pays homage to.

  • Drew Estep 7 months ago

    Everybody says something different… I will go on a limb and be completely original… How did you get the llamas to walk around sand city like that?

  • DuhBruh 7 months ago

    U should do more house cleaning and building at the base to make it nicer and more organized. I think like half an episode to this would be nice!!

  • Sadiq Rahman 7 months ago

    Etho, how about you make a giant big reactor for power.

  • Drift Core 7 months ago

    Hey ETHO can i ask you one question ? Yes off course I can 😅 When you’re going to finish the base building?? Or even a building episode??

  • Aarash Jazayeri 7 months ago

    Etho, an easy way to get Gaia spirits is to get an arena that’s all solid, I use the mining dimension then near the middle of the arena place a mana pool with a spark ontop of it. Then if you craft the staff of power from draconic evolution you can use the 25 x25 aoe and just hit the spark. It will deal damage to every entity in the arena including the Gaia and the mobs it spawns

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