• Jika Gulwell 3 months ago

    “i will have to loose a battle to the ender dragon”
    me: ok
    “loose a battle to the wither”
    me: ok
    “loose a battle to the elder guardian”
    me: ok
    “loose 30 xp”
    me: fine by me
    “loose a pet”
    me: just say a mob is then kill it. easy
    “only eat fruit and veg”
    me: duable
    “that means no cake or cookies!”
    me: yeah. so?
    “burn diamonds”
    me: well thats frustrating
    “only dig straight down”
    me: what have you got yourself into mate
    “let someone griev my world”
    me: *sigh*
    “let my tea get cold”

  • Christmas Pudding 3 months ago

    Add a texture pack to make it way eaiser

  • FloweyDaFlower 33 3 months ago

    Try to go back to the village not near the igloo and remove the snow of the farm, hoe the land and see if the villagers plant crops. :0

  • Evil Hunter Minecraft and vlogs 3 months ago

    Everybody watch this video in inverted colors so it looks normal I’m doing it

  • Sierra Sika 3 months ago

    There was an ocean monument right by spawn… I didn’t notice until I rewatched the video with my phone set to negative colors XD

  • lindsaydoo1 3 months ago

    You mean pee

  • lindsaydoo1 3 months ago

    You mean pee 17:43

  • dubslamb7 3 months ago

    Stampy because there was no crops was because it was cold and icy
    i love your vids

  • Troit_Feed 3 months ago

    Today is my birth day

    pls say happy birhtday

  • The Destroyer 3 months ago

    my brother changed the settings on his phone to make all the colors negative, then he watches this video and everything looked normal!

  • The Destroyer 3 months ago

    i love your videos 🙂 and your the best 🙂

  • Kellie McHugh 3 months ago

    Watch it normally for iPhones= Settings, General, Accessibility, Invert Colours.

  • Kittens are Cute 101 3 months ago

    Stampy where you spawned in the ocean was an ocean monument,ok so you already are a noob at this (sorry if I’m behind mean)

  • Joshua Carrington 3 months ago

    Did anyone else watch this in negitive mode so it looked normal

  • Noah Hay 3 months ago


  • Dylan Rogers 3 months ago

    you got no crops at the village because it dosent grow in the snow but if you go in to the houses you get chests full of crops

  • Blade052 Becerra 3 months ago

    1Die 12:18

  • Ellen Fletcher 3 months ago

    l love this challenge i have already watched this video 3 times

  • Ellen Fletcher 3 months ago


  • Retro Gaming123 3 months ago


    You wasting money with the tea so many not do that and it is TOURTUR TO WATCH IT GET COLD

  • ruby morgan 3 months ago

    its a ice village stamps no crops grow

  • Sammy Stanton 3 months ago

    It’s an ice village

  • Spoody the Spider Guy 3 months ago

    i have found a village with just a well

  • Sonic The hedgehog 3 months ago

    I can’t do it on my Xbox

  • Kyle William Tellis 3 months ago

    i hate cold English tea so much that i would just die with thirst

  • Alan Smith 3 months ago

    I have coulor blindnes

  • Tangley the Tangle dervish slime 3 months ago

    When will you make another terraria video? I can help you by a bit!

  • Spanish Candy 3 months ago

    Show where the options are because I can’t find it on Wii u

  • Tangley the Tangle dervish slime 3 months ago

    I will have to not eat meat:
    Me: ok I can also eat fruit
    I will have to lose a pet:
    Really don’t care
    I will have to lose to all the bosses:
    Don’t care I can do it without the totem of rejecting death
    Burn all diamonds:
    Trigger bar at: 89%
    Let your cola get warm:
    Trigger bar at: 83939292020183736463%

  • Tay Den 3 months ago

    This will be easy for Stampy because he fails at everything

  • Joseph Micallef 3 months ago

    How did he make the world in negative??

  • Rico Jackson Po 3 months ago


  • Carol Lewis 3 months ago

    Yaaaaaaay! New series,looks great xx

  • Endercreeper Mia 3 months ago

    Hey stampy, the crops are in a chest in the big house in the village

  • Mitchel Newell 3 months ago

    Mushrooms 🍄 aren’t vegetables or fruits
    Mushrooms is a tipe of fungus

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