• Davey C 6 months ago

    While watching this I started a new world and saw a blacksmith and it had an iron chest plate , iron leggings and 13PIECES of obsidian

  • Kieran Ford 6 months ago

    10 blocks is the magical total that’s enough to build up your portal

  • Ted Barnes 6 months ago

    Do terraria please 🐱

  • bomguy999999 6 months ago

    How about you play the game without decorating. Nobody cares.

  • Diamond Adventure 6 months ago

    You should……

    #Never Ever Go Tooo The Nether#

  • FatChickHere ! 6 months ago

    @Stampylonghead i was going to suggest going back to spawn to see if ur starter chest restocked that’s if u left it there….

  • TheSeaMaster 6 months ago

    If you crouch on magma you don’ take damage!!

  • Benshafik Shafik 6 months ago



  • brittosa 6 months ago

    Fun fact you could have burnt a piece of wood to light the portal

  • Henry Wright 6 months ago

    Don’t say mean things to stammpy

  • Instinct 21 6 months ago

    I was thinking about orange. Stained glass

  • FoxMage 6 months ago

    What Resource pack is he using?

  • dolfin gamez 6 months ago

    You could have made the nether portal a block shorter

  • Marinko Ćubela 6 months ago

    Stampy always makes me feel better and inspires me to keep playing Minecrat More!:D

  • TheGliding CH1CK3N 6 months ago

    STAMPS you need 64 golden nuggets for one Gapple

  • D Till 6 months ago

    I saw some wood it was broos wood

  • pandagamer Flores 6 months ago


  • Victisha81 6 months ago

    Stampey do you remember me sabbince79 I was a friend. Of you I’m mis you if you are the real one 😱😰😰😥

  • Robin Upton 6 months ago


  • Alejandro Symons 6 months ago

    Stampy. For each challenge you complete, use the area of glass from that challenge to create a cool basement to your house in that area related to the tasks you had to fulfill. # goodideas

  • Maria Vacirca 6 months ago

    DEAR stampy now that I have a cat I gave him cake and he ate it. It was so funny love Vincenzo vacirca

  • Stampylongnose 1 6 months ago

    Make a cobble generator stamps!

  • bengaltrooper99 6 months ago

    Hey Stampy if you crouch on magma it doesn’t hurt you. My brother and I figured that out today. 😉

  • Emalyn S 6 months ago

    Spibers in mincraft are 2 blocks wide anb your trap is 2 blocks wide

  • bongo team 6 months ago

    I’ve got an idea for a new challenge so basicaly you need to only place one block on the superflat each episode and have two top layers of dirt then stone then underneath is 10 blocks deep of lava and under that is diamonds and a high drop with dirt at the bottom the challenge is to get a full set of diamond armour and tools and to build a base of 24 by 24 blocks of wood with a bed ,chest ,crafting table,and furnace
    PLEASSSSE Luke so stampy sees it (:

  • Mtl Teadrinker 6 months ago

    Flats back yay

  • Mtl Teadrinker 6 months ago

    I just saw I could write comments

  • Vanilla Bean 6 months ago

    Stampy I don’t know if you know this already or not and I’m sorry for bothering you if you already no this, but if you crouch on the magma blocks then it can’t hurt you

  • Thund3rman 23 6 months ago

    Stampy you actually don’t have toes it for creepers to drop gunpowder because ghasts drop gunpowder also

  • Lily Manley 6 months ago

    You make my life better

  • Corvo Attano 6 months ago

    I know you know this stamps…


  • Wolf Chris 6 months ago

    shut up ayush patel stampy is the best

  • Madknee and ThePethyn 6 months ago

    wait…i’m listening to balloons and watching THIS

  • Lolly Queen 6 months ago

    You could of lit the nether portal with the lava but whatever…

  • Brick head 6 months ago

    Too big

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