In SevTech Ages we try to work our way from cave


  • Noah Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    You need to make a crafting staition becauas if connect some storage will show on the left or right and applied energistics unlocks at age 4

  • Logan Son 2 weeks ago

    Try to make plate of metal then make tool

  • Logan Son 2 weeks ago

    Don’t use fernes for food it will wast the resorces the grill never dies out

  • colombogames 2 weeks ago

    I don’t understand what X33N did to make Jordan angry at 1:00 min

  • Sergeant Spawner 2 weeks ago

    That sheep can be asexual.

  • Noah Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    46:00 chicken: hi i will kill you

  • Shoggoth’s? Time to leave the planet. Or the galaxy. Or the universe.

  • The Illuminati 2 weeks ago

    The YouTube ADpocalypse is officially over!

  • howard baxter 2 weeks ago

    Jardon, I approve of your choice to watch Sopranos.

  • Bob Bobson 2 weeks ago

    All of the abyssalcraft lore is based on HP Lovecraft stories

  • draco hunter 2 weeks ago

    Omg its shiest not Christ!!!!!!

  • Damian Simpson 2 weeks ago

    For the fire pit you put actual wood into it not the fire sticks

  • dead pool 2 weeks ago

    I was starting to think coal in this series was like Mianite season 3, am I right? Like if you agree!

  • Box tube 2 weeks ago

    Wow jaroojaeeinon five ads 👍.

  • Box tube 2 weeks ago

    20:51 no

  • AyiyiLoveYou 2 weeks ago

    is jordan talking about food calories or energy calories? cause one food calorie is equivalent to 1000 energy calories…

    as said by my physics prof

  • Vito Kekin 2 weeks ago

    You should craft rocks from cobblestone one in your inventory crafting space is 9 rocks

  • Faded Cheeto 2 weeks ago

    There are bone tools! Which are better then stone

  • Billybob Jack 2 weeks ago

    U put a bat on the totem u don’t have to walk down the path u can glide remember

  • Ty Rymer 2 weeks ago

    what’s with jurassic park and fallen kingdom?

  • James 2 weeks ago

    Talking about Cheesecake made me go make my own, homemade cheesecake with homemade caramel glaze.. I feel fat but it was so good

  • Whsidom 2 weeks ago

    They should make a totem with the haste carving in the mine.

  • Maximum G 2 weeks ago

    So when Harry said Diagonally u didn’t get it

  • 5Z Sigurd Faxøe Jørgensen LilleVaerloeseSkole 2 weeks ago

    GREAT entertaintment man love it😁🔥❤️👍🏼

  • Thecla Smalley 2 weeks ago

    Slow clap for Jordan……. 👏🏻……….👏🏻……….👏🏻

  • Jdoesbassline 2 weeks ago

    Never noticed the diagon ally thing

  • Donovan Young 2 weeks ago

    6:48, wait, a shoggoth?! realy?! good luck sirs

  • Esha Thorat 2 weeks ago

    Grimauld Place in HP…Grim Old Place

  • theinspector15 2 weeks ago

    wait it just clicked with me too…………..

  • TooGoodForYourJams 2 weeks ago

    Jardon it’s greenschist not greenchrist.

  • symott 2 weeks ago

    Wizardly headcannon accepted. Boom.

  • Julianna The Lioness 2 weeks ago

    No jordan u have 30 health u have 15 hearts every heart is 2 health… BASIC MINCRAFT KNOWLEDGE

  • GretchenDawntreader 2 weeks ago

    that’s a fuckton of coal.

  • Caleb 2 weeks ago

    I used to think that Sparklez was the smartest person ever because he says a lot of intelligent stuff… then today happened

  • hipnyah 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for the apology sparkles….it means a lot to me…

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