In SevTech Ages we try to work our way from cave


  • James Schwartz 1 week ago

    hey, love your guys videos, one of my friends and I been playing this after we seen couple of your guys and yogscast videos. my friend and I came across couple sort cuts. XD one is porting a tinkers faucet on a water barrel next the stirring pot and just pour in the water when u need the water. put couple totems near the portals like wolf, oster and enderman so the portal wont get destroyed by the creepers sec. wolf give u strength. 6 wolf totems would give u strength can only up to 6 totams at a time from one totem base. if you going to make a farming near water put some wooden planks by 2 out so the fish won’t jump at you. i’m like x33n I have the luck of the fish. so most of the time i’m in a boat to kill the fish’s faster. also its going to get harder in the next age so always get all the materials u can carry even it its not what u need now you’ll will need it later like marble. me and my friend at age 2 right now he been needing a lot of marbles for the next quest line. I been working on the side quest so u might have to upgrade your chest’s to crate to hold more stuff and have your kiln on auto mode so it can cook at lot of stuff. be careful with the necro stuff. you might have to be in admin mode for that area we had our grave destroyed 3 times. cause its there’s a bug when you are killing the sloggth the spit might destroy you grave. if you have important items on you and your grave gets destroyed u might have to cheat to get it back I don’t remember what command it was but when fighting the sloggth you might keep the imported stuff at the base. last thing is if your going to need the saw going you would need the watermill and that would need a flowing water like a river or man made flow source to get the watermill going. the windmill be need the wooden planks sidings that’s from the saw. the stuff your be getting from the dark deep is going to at the top. one of u guy’s have a lot of wood for totems and touch’s and the other mine to the top. your’ll need all the lighting you get. even the enderman and oyster totem going to help a lot. also make you guys a backpack and upgrade it you be needing all the room you can get all I have right now keep up the good work again love your videos and x33n don’t get mad be Glade. XD.

  • Toyblox1 1 week ago

    Every one is worrying about the video and no one it telling him the snares are not 100 precent white particles

  • Nointro Gaming 1 week ago

    Rip horse

  • Julian Cani 1 week ago

    You can craft the atlas Jardoon

  • Slated 1 week ago

    Please do the bear claw paxel!

  • Warzone 1 week ago

    Why don’t you loot blacksmiths?

  • Kirus Dagon 1 week ago

    Heyyyy you fixed the video!

  • Grzegorz Sobkowicz 1 week ago

    “Shoggoths have layers”

  • Grzegorz Sobkowicz 1 week ago

    You should make there your new base

  • andrew mennell 1 week ago

    Read the thing at 30:47 – 30:48 it says you can summon a parrot if you can’t find a jungle biome.

  • Fnafwoolpool Fazbear 1 week ago

    Aph put a bird in your house in the deep end

  • Fnafwoolpool Fazbear 1 week ago

    Look at the durt

  • Janabelle/Jennifer Tully 1 week ago

    Aphmau panicked you

  • Janabelle/Jennifer Tully 1 week ago


  • joshua Arave 1 week ago

    yo why wont he stream this

  • Firesage24 Krohnfeldt 1 week ago

    Tis fixed

  • London Chambliss 1 week ago

    aphmau pranked you

  • Ethan Lam 1 week ago

    3 words…


  • Jorge Alcocer 1 week ago

    Stone axe does more damage than the sword ! Axe does 9 and the sword 5 check it out ! Welcome 🙂
    Also look for bear to build the bear pick axe that is diamond level also a melee weapon

  • Dead_Soul13 1 week ago

    I like the “Pokermon” references

  • pebblesmarie 1 week ago

    Swamp in distance? 36:27

  • KamiyaK 1 week ago

    this is reminding me of Mianite and x33n’s sleeping body on top of the volcano

  • KamiyaK 1 week ago

    you don’t need a apple tree, you need farmer steve

  • Dank Fish 1 week ago

    Do a trumpet war just honk at each other endlessly.

  • Samuel Garcia 1 week ago

    RIP (Death occured in the episode(though trying to not spoil who died))

  • josph king 1 week ago

    Jordon’s horse: I don’t feel so good Jordan
    Jeordan: *Swings sword at horse*

  • Joshua Hines 1 week ago

    Build a fenve along the shore to prevent the piranhas from trampling your crops

  • TwinMama 1 week ago

    I really cannot wait for these guys to go to the betweenlands

  • Hector Mirrings 1 week ago

    I’m a simple man…when I see BloodMagic, I see Tucker with too many blood points T.T #RIPMianiteSeason3

  • Nawzheen Hassan 1 week ago

    Maybe using the natures compass will help joirdoan

  • Alston Gamer 1 week ago

    there was a swamp east of spawn (you can see it in the distance fog at 36:28)

  • DÁNIEL MIHÁLOVICS 1 week ago

    stupid horse- says the idiot who wanted to mine the stone block with a sword XD

  • McHaven07 1 week ago

    I swear, this and the Deep End is like the Watch Jardon Complain Hour! When did he become this high strung, man?

  • Elisabeth Loveridge 1 week ago

    There was a baby horse following X33N

  • Hanno Dalton 1 week ago

    We want sevtech

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