• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    New epic Lucky Block Mod guys!!! I hope you enjoy! I’ll be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • david hendroff 1 month ago

    0:07 i peed myself

  • Zombie killer 2017 2 1 month ago


    Pat-Snake lucky block

    Jen-Pee lucky block!


    Its a peeing lucky block!
    i didn’t see that coming

  • At Super Natural 1 month ago

    Hi pat I love your vids

  • Rolando Wong 1 month ago

    do this on bedwars

  • Rolando Wong 1 month ago

    Jen is a liar

  • Tony Rose Dacdac 1 month ago

    Pat: Just stand in the water.
    Jen: feeling good.
    Pat: Stay in the water.
    Jen: feeling gooooooood.

  • Wolfclaw Painhowler Deathsign 1 month ago

    Pat play granny horror game on mobile

  • Tony Rose Dacdac 1 month ago

    Jen its snake not steak.

  • Sofie Tomesova 1 month ago

    Pat you should have said I wiggle and jiggle like a worm and I’m like a worm but I’m not a worm and I make this sound sssssss

  • Rainy Shinier 1 month ago

    Jen: is that A Jen or a snake
    Me: jen, people don’t useA with their name . I mean u should say: is that jen or a snake?

  • Vadernator pro 1 month ago

    im your bigest fan

  • Vadernator pro 1 month ago

    i love you

  • GamingwithLouis 1 month ago


  • Dennise Andrei Mercado 1 month ago

    Pat u da best

  • LourdAlec Villanueva 1 month ago

    Plz do bedwars on this Lucky Block it’s so good! (And I mean you can get cool items to kill the other player and that’s funny ^^ )

  • andrew vass 1 month ago


  • Boss The Cat 1 month ago

    13:56 tier2lubchuboleh

  • Mrfriendlydonut 1 month ago

    13:56 subtitles said I got a bunch of weird

  • Mrfriendlydonut 1 month ago

    I recommend watching popularmmos with subtitles

  • Mrfriendlydonut 1 month ago

    Pantaloon means

    women’s baggy trousers gathered at the ankles

  • Marissa D'Ascanio 1 month ago

    I am a faraday of snakes

  • Angelina Does crafts 1 month ago

    I thought she said steak

  • Galaxy Wolf 1 month ago

    who else misses epic proportions, cause i do T^T

  • Isabella Bonesteel 1 month ago

    R.I.P LOL Lucky block pee????? **I have a school concert TONIGHT and I am sick**

  • chrystel agsaullo 1 month ago

    pat you accually got the beacon on the well sorry for bad spelling

  • Jon Brian Dejan 1 month ago


  • Amy Mullins 1 month ago

    We love you so much and you make me feel so much love and you always make me laugh

  • stephen sharerfam 1 month ago


  • darryl irvine 1 month ago

    I just noticed he kicks herobrine in the popularmmos intro

  • Sina Majidian 1 month ago

    Is that a dinosaur teeth werid I have the same one!!!!

  • Julius Tanuwidjaja 1 month ago

    If somebody make a lucky block pls not be to OP

  • Julius Tanuwidjaja 1 month ago

    So its gonna be use to challenge games,lucky block race , hunger games

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