• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    Haven’t played a map like this in a long time!! Hope you guys enjoy!

  • jojo banana 4 weeks ago

    skeleton: i am great at aiming

    pat:come on bro u are blind

    jen: i think its because he has no eyes

  • ALYSSA Braun 4 weeks ago

    can u do a is that roblox burn it please!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • fireblast 4 weeks ago

    Why you no pick Nutella at 8:08 just tell me why😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aidan Leech 4 weeks ago

    For the falling anvil one you were supposed to put the piston on the quarts block closest to the hole activate and set it up so that when you deactived the piston it would fall pn Jen (it actually wored fine).

  • Layla Brown 4 weeks ago

    Lets get a head in life

    Ahh puns

  • Tremane Baxter 4 weeks ago

    17:50 it has the gost number

  • Lloyd Soriano 4 weeks ago

    was that speaking in level ten is pink sheep?!… PINK SHEEP!?!??!!

  • Annalee Maldonado 4 weeks ago

    love your vid <3

  • Dogie Ha ha 4 weeks ago

    more like JEN ways to die!

  • Queen Equine 4 weeks ago

    THERE BACK!!!!!!!z😯😯😯😯😁😁😁

  • Rachael Bock 4 weeks ago

    I subscribed

  • Lauren-May C 4 weeks ago



  • Lauren-May C 4 weeks ago

    Mor robloX

  • rainbow li 4 weeks ago

    Can’t survive without Pat and Jen! Must watch them!

  • Crazy Jamie Ze Potete 4 weeks ago

    10:39 ‘ oh come here baby ‘ XD XD XD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Oliver Jenkinson 4 weeks ago

    Get a new intro

  • Kishani OMG 4 weeks ago

    Yes I loved it and luv you guys

  • Star wars Master 4 weeks ago

    Minecraft is dead

  • rainbow li 4 weeks ago

    Thank you, creator!

  • Anatoly Kutkin 4 weeks ago

    I wonder when they ban coal will Minecraft ban coal?!🤔

  • Tania Nelson 4 weeks ago

    What you mean the penis down below your looking at it bro

  • Mylene Ruiz 4 weeks ago


  • Isabella Lostaunau 4 weeks ago

    Did anyone else think he said Jen was to die instead of 10???

  • Random Videos 4 weeks ago

    come on pat, uve been saying 4 ages that crafting dead is gonna return. WE R STILL WAITING

  • Saeeda Peerzada 4 weeks ago

    Hey can u put vd on race in 1

  • john games 4 weeks ago

    ha ha ha ha

  • Samantha Leanillo 4 weeks ago

    Pat and Jen I really love your vids

  • Funkey Monkey 4 weeks ago

    I think at the death by pickle level is a reference to dantdms tomodacie life series

    p.s pat and jen if u don’t know (which u probably do) dr trayorus is dantdms villager friend in minecraft

  • Mustafa Singhateh 4 weeks ago

    plz play Minecraft block house vs Minecraft block house like pink wool house vs black wool house yammy xox did it an she has like 18 millon subs plz thnk about my idea

  • Żłt. Rÿüśäkę ML 4 weeks ago

    12:25 to 13:00 Bad Accuracy (I subscribed both of your channels 🙂 Love you all <3)

  • Roan Isaac Sison 4 weeks ago

    17:21place the picture

  • Tevin Naidoo 4 weeks ago

    I subscribed

  • Lexie Shadow 4 weeks ago

    I have never seen a skeleton that has so bad aim

  • Gaming Spiral 4 weeks ago

    Hey PopularMMOs could you plz subscribe back to me it would mean a lot I have been subscribed since you had 7 million subscribers

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