• Mr.gnarly J Q 7 months ago

    What will the second ostrich be named Hayward the 2nd

  • Dylan Mumma 7 months ago

    Still triggered you have that bathroom mess at the bottom of your ladder to your base

  • hjky njuj 7 months ago

    make an advanced crafting table pls

  • DiamondPanda Guy 7 months ago

    Do hero stuff as dead pool

  • Shadow Gamer Monster 7 months ago

    follow mev he has a secrit bas

  • Cristian Barbosa 7 months ago

    when are you going to do the carrabien

  • Cj singz 7 months ago

    For training build a training dummy gingy built one and he got levels quick

  • Joseph Aldrin Bartolome 7 months ago

    No missed it

  • ramon sanchez 7 months ago

    u are horrible why didn’t u do something other than wreck ur base

  • nicholas duque duque 7 months ago

    love the vid keep it up

  • Hyperactive9089 7 months ago

    Sorry wasn’t here

  • Adrian Lennon 7 months ago

    Srry I was here for the first minute of the stream and something else came up.

  • Flame Dragon 7 months ago

    Probably should have tested the Dalfon before​ the end.

  • Noah Olsen 7 months ago

    Can you do a episode wen panda becomes your side kick

  • KnightBreaker 7 months ago


  • Maggie Smith 7 months ago


  • Brandon Roberts 7 months ago

    I could’ve watch the stream earlier but Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  • Kyle Delos Santos 7 months ago

    Stop using flans mod for vehicles they’re trash. Just get from the mchelicopter mod where you got your helicopter.

  • Gaming With Tony 7 months ago

    I missed the stream because I was trying to solve my rubix’s cube. I solved it! Like six hours after the stream

  • demon fox gameplayer 7 months ago


  • Nifemi Arogundade 7 months ago

    Make a sub

  • Ghulammustafa Zaib 7 months ago


  • ZombeyDragon 7 months ago

    why you always stream on this time? everyones asleep where i live…tbh if you would do it later i would be extremely tired and earlier…well thats fine…but your not gonna change

  • Dragon James 7 months ago

    the Batroom

  • Rupy Sandhu 7 months ago

    Do more xylo

  • Firedragonskull Hughes 7 months ago


  • Kade Styron 7 months ago


  • Littlepoo TheCrazy 7 months ago

    We need pand as a sidekick

  • Eric Carter 7 months ago

    you gotta bring panda along

  • Nike Teleport 7 months ago

    Mr. Xylophoney
    Pls can you live stream on Pokemon Showdown so fans can battle you pls pls pls!

  • Guy Lalupe Privado 7 months ago

    Batman is already rich

  • BB-8 adventurers 7 months ago

    Hey what mods do you use

  • j-gamer georgia HD 7 months ago

    check superdex while wearing suit

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