• Brandon Brooks 1 month ago

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!

  • Gaming pups M 1 month ago

    I almost fainted tip: I don’t like blood😧😨

  • Audrey Stephens 1 month ago


  • Agent E 1 month ago

    You don’t have to jump guys… Just walk normally…

  • Arlin Almanza 1 month ago

    Hohohohohohohohoho jen

  • Carter butler 1 month ago

    If u like oilers like this post and I get to go 👍🤗🤩😎😆😁😊 I am to fav nephew 😇😎

  • Clodualdo Diaz 1 month ago

    Pat you need to bash it to break

  • N9nerChik marie 1 month ago

    you weren’t suppose to walk over it not jump on it. im just saying

  • Clodualdo Diaz 1 month ago

    Pat its a liver you guys are horrible doctors

  • Elliot Zent 1 month ago

    U walk not jump u idiots

  • double RR rivera 1 month ago

    4:35 So wrong

  • Chan Annie 1 month ago

    Pat why did you break all the teeth(just break the black one) like if you agree

  • BeautyXCutie07 1 month ago

    Jen do you mean pepper like pepperoni because you just need your oni in pepperoni pets the doctor Jens the nurse🚑🚑🏩🏥

  • BeautyXCutie07 1 month ago

    What if you did hide and go seek in a body

  • Lala Looloo 1 month ago


  • Jan Andrei Vitto 1 month ago

    Pat do you surgery

  • Joyce Kim 1 month ago


  • Carmen Klapstein 1 month ago

    Jen “so the kidneys are what make you have to pee right?”

    Jen “so their probably near the bladder area”

    Pat “they filter things”

    *Finds white hands*


    Me: Good job Dr Pepper

  • chloe g 1 month ago


  • Barbara Miranda 1 month ago

    I could not move my toes because I was scared

  • Herschinator_47 1 month ago

    ur supposed to walk on the stuff with the scalpel

  • Julia G 1 month ago

    I’ll never go to a hospitol ever again

  • Marky Steven Espergoza 1 month ago

    in the elf the pink thing is the stomach the red thing is the liver and the brown thing is the intestines

  • Pen pineapple Apple pen 1 month ago

    I think the pink thing was an ambillicil cord ????? Like if you agree

  • Eleanor Rillera 1 month ago

    that is a liver

  • Jack gaming 1 month ago

    My friend needed surgery and there weren’t any hospitals around so I looked up how to perform surgery and it came ou with this I followed the instructions perfectly but my friend died

  • Glen Araneta 1 month ago

    You need to walk back and fort to cut it……

  • fenny lii 1 month ago

    Dont need to jump bro

  • RealShanealengamer Landberg 1 month ago

    Yes im a kid and i like this vid im not mad or my family


  • King Kong 1 month ago

    I would love 2 weirdos to break my teeth open and put teeth that make the artificial barbie smile cause shes plastic.

  • Pass Tanapat 1 month ago

    I am thai people อะไรด่าประเทศไทยทําไมกูจะunsub

  • Cockatiels Are Awsome 1 month ago

    At 16:48 Pat that’s the healthiest heart I’ve ever seen! And then I say really

  • Kyle plays 1 month ago

    Pat you should play surgery simulator

  • Munkhmaa Z 1 month ago

    good work Doctor Patclaw and Doctor Jenheart. Warriors for life.

  • Kara Fitzgerald 1 month ago

    Can you please make more of these coined of videos

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