• Trevor Nicholas 2 weeks ago


  • Trevor Nicholas 2 weeks ago


  • Trevor Nicholas 2 weeks ago


  • Erin Gustavson 2 weeks ago


  • Dragon duke 2 weeks ago

    Wow be n have you tried getting good yet?

  • Dragon duke 2 weeks ago

    Personally i prefer General becca to captain america

  • Chaos Neutral 2 weeks ago

    I have 18 baby flemish giants selling them for $40 a piece

  • BlakePlayz - Minecraft PE and more! 2 weeks ago

    Aight, Jerome, I could deal with you liking Jersey cuz u grew up there.
    But favoring Superman over Batman has crossed a HUUUUGE fuckin line.

    Edit: Also, just becuz others are pointing it out, DC has better shows (my personal fav is Arrow) but Marvel admittedly does have the better movies, even with Hawkeye the Useless.

  • JillTony Kennedy 2 weeks ago

    my favorite hero is iron man because i am as repulsive as his repulser beams…. IM JK ITS THE SPIDERMAN CAUSE IM THE SWAGGERMAN!!!

  • matthew billings 2 weeks ago


  • Hilljoy Gaming 2 weeks ago

    did they put ben in the nsfw channel

  • Simon Tran 2 weeks ago

    Uganda knuckles is best superhero

  • Caleb Copeland 2 weeks ago

    Did every one forget justice league has a goddess and an alien

  • GalacticCraft212 2 weeks ago

    man that sneak attack though

  • Joseph Fisher 2 weeks ago


  • The Influx Warrior 2 weeks ago

    Avengers and justice league are cool and i like them both but superman could beat all of the avengers by himself

  • The Influx Warrior 2 weeks ago

    The Avengers consists of a god, two druggies, a rich drunk, robin hood, and some chick. JK i love the avengers even though i like Justice League more

  • Samuel-Kei Corpuz 2 weeks ago


  • FinBM 2 weeks ago


  • Nasty Dragon9873 2 weeks ago


  • Flaming Party 2 weeks ago

    Justice league is the best

  • Gunslinger PP 2 weeks ago


  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 2 weeks ago

    Bork 185

  • Niles Yao 2 weeks ago

    I’m sorry did Jerome just say the Avengers are poopy….well you smell Jerome, Avengers are better…

  • whaddup guys 2 weeks ago

    Mario is the best

  • Lion Guy 2 weeks ago


  • VD Dalsgaard 2 weeks ago

    NO the green lantern is the best avenger

  • Lion Guy 2 weeks ago


  • Austin Horne 2 weeks ago

    Dc is way better than marvel

  • Sequoia Valoy 2 weeks ago


    Like if you agree

  • TheCamelCario 2 weeks ago

    The Flash is indeed the best superhero and justice league is better than avengers

  • SlothzPvP _ 2 weeks ago

    Spiderman F.F. (Future Foundation) (The Black and White one)

  • Charlie Campbell-Cowan 2 weeks ago


  • Charlie Campbell-Cowan 2 weeks ago


  • Bradley Beltran 2 weeks ago


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