• Reece Murphy 6 months ago


  • Was that a Tidus laugh at the end there?

  • moonglum12 games 6 months ago

    You can’t live without mods, I have played vanilla on my computer for five years, I’m fine.

  • Thekyky 6 months ago

    what modpack is this someone please answer?

  • Creeper Jam 6 months ago

    Where’re the episodes where Sjin creatively builds the Farmhouse, barn, and flattens a bunch of lands? The best bits. Where are they?

  • BobaAsdf 6 months ago

    Talking about mods that became vanilla….
    …didn’t the Mo’Creatures dev help make vanilla horses?

  • Spencer Schmidt 6 months ago

    You should try to make the plots turn with the valley at some point instead of going straight on forever, I think that would look better but I guess it’s up to y’all

  • E_M_E_T 6 months ago

    i think we all miss the old days when sips would marvel at the sight of quarries digging up his precious dirt

  • Jeikobu 6 months ago

    IC2 is fun for a change, and it can work pretty well. I will admit that it sucks that it uses a different power system, but even if Duncan doesn’t want to get into it, Sjin might have fun.

  • Micromine King 6 months ago

    Are they using an official modpack? If so, what is it called?

  • RC Gamex 6 months ago

    Sjin: *walks past diamond ore to dig dirt* oh I found some red stone. I really want to find some diamonds…

  • RC Gamex 6 months ago

    Anyone wondering where the regular content is, Sjin is in Canada again. This is part of a massive batch recording to keep content coming while he’s out of office.

  • Sithware _ 6 months ago

    potatoes come from South america origanally

  • RC Gamex 6 months ago

    I think it would be funny if they ran out of content and they were just like “Well shit… maybe we can get Lew-lew on the farm with Dunc for a bit.” XD

  • Matthew Bevan 6 months ago

    You can play with (simple) mods on mobile, on the official website they have released some maps and mods which you can download on use (it’s on IOS, not sure about android) there are also unofficial ones of the same type available. You can just toggle them on and off in-game.

    Edit: I don’t play them often, so I don’t know much about reliability/stability.

  • Lucas Meisner 6 months ago

    Sjin: have a spritz Ahh good ol yogsquest

  • DeadHawk 6 months ago

    The amount of water in that farm is killing me…

  • Radioactive Turtle 6 months ago

    What happed to terraria?

  • Radioactive Turtle 6 months ago

    Did you guys quit terraria?

  • Pizzalord4 6 months ago

    What happened to terraria?

  • J Dat gamer 6 months ago

    To anyone who plays this pack, and to Sjin too, nickel is a massive pain in the ass to find. It is so goddamn rare, which makes invar really hard to get as well. Keep searching though, and you’ll find some eventually.

  • welsh Maniacs 6 months ago

    Im a new subscriber and i love the new farm series. Im hooked 👍🏻

  • Ravenskull23 6 months ago

    I kinda want the seed for this world

  • The AutoCube 6 months ago

    Mavis Brindley Teaches Simon

  • Felix Gunstone 6 months ago

    0:30 when I saw the tree I was like OH SHIT ITS A FLUXD TAINDED AREA-THIS IS FLIX BUDS 4! AAAAWWHHAHAHAHHAAHA YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAA. Then Duncan went and said it’s a plum tree

  • sam blyth 6 months ago

    hey whats the modpack your using so i can try it ????

  • Ryan Kunst 6 months ago

    Hipsterlord Sjin doesn’t know what hummus is…

  • Ryan Kunst 6 months ago

    Unpopular opinion, Tinker’s Construct is dumb. I hate to be that guy, you know, the “new stuff is awful” guy, but if they made Tinker’s part of vanilla Minecraft I think I would stop playing. The basis of the mod is totally flawed… you don’t cast weapons, that’s not how smithing works, not to mention keeping like twelve different molten metals in one crucible. It was meant to make weapon crafting more realistic but if anything it makes it worse. Beyond that, from a gameplay standpoint I find it fiddly and just really weird. “Here make your blade out of paper and your handle out of gelatinous slime and your pommel outa’ fuckin’ grass or some shit, then smear redstone all over your sword and now you have created an abomination with bizarre mismatched stats and abilities”.

  • DanLokar 6 months ago

    I don’t why but I don’t feel like this series is going to last very long. It’s got that vibe to it.
    I predict that comes December and the Xmas livestream this series will be ditched. 🙁

  • LookToDaFutureGaming 6 months ago

    What pack are you guys using?

  • Jaycer 6 months ago

    Maybe if you guys actually ate food ever you would have more than half a heart of hp and wouldn’t randomly get killed by enemies

  • delirious child 6 months ago

    Where feed the world 2 chili wawwas I want it so bad plz

  • RevPanda 6 months ago

    Orc shows up with riot gear. … … That is Shadowrun. 😛

  • Squiggles 6 months ago

    Sjin mining around the lava just ripped my non-existant dick off into space…. n00b

  • Tamahagane 6 months ago

    Humus, it’s going places. You can cut up a carrot and dip them in it, have you tried that, Solomon?

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