• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    This mod needed to be revisited! I hope you all enjoy this!

  • regielyn Taboy 1 month ago

    Lick jens vagina

  • Vince Todarello 1 month ago

    C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 is a cyclone

  • hi lol 1 month ago

    My teacher always says

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  • LeeviX 1 month ago

    pat and jen acting little weird when on camera but off camera fine

  • Gabbie McPhee 1 month ago

    Where did you get that pack, is it only on computers and so realistic!

  • Filipino Mapper 1 month ago

    to those who don’t know what c5 is, it means category 5

  • леха Румянцев 1 month ago


  • леха Румянцев 1 month ago

    Идиоты€#£#££#£#€÷£&#;#7#^&#€#^#&€÷:×&÷€#€#&#€#€÷&÷£€#€@*×_3€37386666666€#&6’шцшвшывлч6чшйз’щыц8овй9шцшц863щ7666666йдПРоОдыыдыыввл 7шчшв8ц7ц7188282737к647шашвлыдвдшрпро гоавносвлылы ы ыьылылыщв

  • Anna Martin 1 month ago


  • TheRainBow Wolf 1 month ago

    Patttt I don’t watch ur vids no moreeeeee :c but ima gottttaaa starTttttttttt

  • Kym Walker 1 month ago

    Ichi ni san boollah kon ni chi wa hujji mahustau watishi no namoe ebba desu {♡<♡} quto jutro des #RAMDOM!!!

  • Raf Jansen 1 month ago

    That sirene was scary so scary😂

  • Nina ALLPORT 1 month ago


  • awesome popularMMOs 1 month ago

    Play roblox : Freddy Tycoon 3

  • UBJ_ Skywalker 1 month ago

    uuuuuuuuuuoy. Mop

  • Marielle Scarlette Abdon 1 month ago

    Jen pls try to survive and you too pat

  • Nestor Maghuyop 1 month ago

    An anemometer measures the windspeed

  • Chris Brunton 1 month ago


  • Enzo Iyo 1 month ago

    Hahaha that is funny and haha cool😂😁

  • McIsTheBest 123 1 month ago

    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!111

  • Chloe Hampton 1 month ago

    I think the C’s stand for cyclone?

  • VICOL VLAD 1 month ago

    the siren sounds like its coming a nuke

  • Ryo Verdy Yo 1 month ago

    17:06 *”It doesn’t really kill you”*
    Me:but you and Jen died in F1 and this is F4 :V

  • crazyvideokitty 1 month ago

    when i saw the portal jen made to the neither i said to my self i thought everyone knew how to make a portal to the neither i guess it is’nt minecraft 101 XD

    im just joking but it was really funny pat tried explaining but was laughing to much you couldn’t understand him XD

  • Kitty Kat 1 month ago

    Haha 😂 LOL jen’s portal is wrong

  • Mily Jalass 1 month ago

    Hey Pat and Jen can you plz react to popularmos and gaming with jen|sad song

  • Maxwell Sim Tsyh Yinn 1 month ago

    Is there a blizzard

  • Toby Rocks! 1 month ago


  • Jurgita Nabazaite 1 month ago


  • Joanne Coleman 1 month ago

    👌🏾 💕

  • Detonator 1 month ago

    And the sun will come out today…

  • Freddyfan33 1 month ago

    oh jen

  • Rhea Juson 1 month ago


  • itz me 1 month ago

    fortnite vs minecraft
    comment your fav below

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