• TSMC - Minecraft 3 months ago

    i really want to make more stuff like this! 🙂

  • Daxterfan 108 3 months ago

    Do goku and chichis house from dragon ball z please

  • Kadence Pack 3 months ago

    Can you please make a Ulta or Sephora I know it’s not your style but it would go great with my city

  • Naci Kayan 3 months ago

    Pls build a town hall or a basketball arena

  • Karina Camacho 3 months ago

    Make a pirate ship 💀

  • Tracey Wratten 3 months ago

    Do sidemen house like if u agree and if u can build this tsmc then u can do anything

  • Daniel Blackwood 3 months ago

    Plz can you make a sniper house thx

  • Naci Kayan 3 months ago

    Can you build a hide and seek or a labyrinth plssss thx I build a city

  • Jordan Caldwell 3 months ago

    Can you make faze rugs new house?

  • Nerf Review/challenge 3 months ago

    Plz make Logan Paul’s house

  • Nerf Review/challenge 3 months ago


  • Nerf Review/challenge 3 months ago

    Plz do logan Paul house

  • dominator dominator 3 months ago

    Build a boss steve statue

  • NingHo 2007 3 months ago

    TSMC Can you build Casino

  • Badle boi 3 months ago

    TSMC-Minecraft you should make a house in a model of a space invader alien

  • Diana Silva 3 months ago

    Can you make a you the freedom tower plz and i also build it look petty and took 1 full hour to fo so plz like

  • HO1004 lolpi 3 months ago

    im a brand new sub i like your vids to!!

  • TheRobloxGuy123 3 months ago

    Hi person scrolling down the comments

  • Evan Howell 3 months ago

    You should make Greg Heffley”s house from Diary of a Wimpy kid

  • Evan Howell 3 months ago

    Actually you should make Fin and Jake”s house from Adventure Time.

  • best of youtube yahia ET abdou 3 months ago

    O my god

  • John Reynolds 3 months ago

    TSMC, can you please make a star wars resistance bomber from the new movie? Like if you agree

  • Cale Wiley 3 months ago

    Hay tsmc you have to make an 4 Player house again I’ve made so many of those they look so awesome in my world I made a lot of your Builds they look awesome in my city And my survival world A lot of your status and houses are awesome in my world

  • Darius Greer 3 months ago

    Make a Chipotle

  • KJ pro10 3 months ago

    Hi I am euclides friend just check him out he wants to challenge you on a red stone build with all the red stone contraption you know and best build

  • Musho Haroh 3 months ago


  • Cameron Callicutt 3 months ago

    what happened to build battle! so miss it

  • Cody Mitchell 3 months ago


  • Hacker Pro 3 months ago

    Plz make hogwarts

  • Super Clash 3 months ago

    hi TSMC, do you want to build the penthouse of ‘Wreck it Ralph’? :

  • MrLizard Reptile 3 months ago

    Can you do a tutorial on the headquarters of Henry Danger and Captain Man

  • super pacman 3 months ago

    Pacman house please

  • LucaEP 3 months ago

    Could you please make a real life build plz I watch you for your real life builds and you haven’t done one in ages bring it back plz love you thank From the whole City Minecraft Builders

  • ChristianYovany2 Minecraft 3 months ago


  • sara nieves &Sara's gymnastic show 3 months ago

    indoor pool

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