How To get OUT OF THE WORLD For Minecraft Xbox


  • Isaac Davidsteph 3 weeks ago

    This video is “Out of this world”!

  • InfamousPants25 3 weeks ago

    Ommg didnt realize so early

  • MC 938 3 weeks ago

    This is cool

  • Adil Ayub 3 weeks ago

    Sims 4 hahahahahahahahhahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahhaahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahahahahah

  • FreePenguin5000 3 weeks ago

    Can we build out of the world?

  • weeklyfox 3 weeks ago

    Theoretically you can’t do it in survival because how can a horse get on top of the nether?!

  • weeklyfox 3 weeks ago

    Next time…

  • __Derpy 3 weeks ago

    I liked this video, you should too! Like the video.

  • Merker 313 3 weeks ago

    Instead of boats now horses

  • Am I the only one that has accident without seeing it or knowing about it

  • Knucles Wae 3 weeks ago

    Leave a like

    on the street xd

  • blueclish 3 weeks ago


  • Super Mario Man 3 weeks ago

    If there is all that accessible space outside the world, why dont they just make the worlds bigger?

  • Bibasik7 3 weeks ago

    My puns are out of this world.

  • ibxtoycat 3 weeks ago

    Do you like these glitches too? It’s been a while, but I still love breaking free haha

  • super jedi player 3 weeks ago

    remember back when you could drop items and they would stay there, and it worked in all 3 dimensions? also, i guess another win for players.

  • Gloopking 3 weeks ago

    Good ol’ Xbox 360 and PS3, never forgotten.
    Also I found a way
    You need at least a 5 high block from the ground and sprint-fly into it (it has to be only 1 block floating)

  • Jblitz 15 2 weeks ago

    Next Update Changelog: “Fixed bug using horses to go outside the boundries (How many of these will you guys keep finding?)”

  • PickleJuice 2 weeks ago

    When you get out of the world save the world until the bug is fixed and see what happens

  • Christian Uttal 2 weeks ago

    i have a modded ps3 so I am able to place blocks out there

  • The Woodpecker 2 weeks ago

    Awessome ep, I think you can still go outside the nether on the MCPC 1.12 and it still owkrs! 😀

    I do wonder why Mojang didn’t make the nether infinite though!

  • Nolan Martinez 2 weeks ago

    What about the end

  • thegamingmineblo 2 weeks ago

    Toycat You cant do this on creative . Because Spawn eggs are for creative

  • MrSheepy450 2 weeks ago

    Lol no hate but it’s so funny when Toycat can’t cross the border again so he spends the time basically just repeating himself.

  • CxXColinXxC - 2 weeks ago

    This is why I subbed XD

  • * MagiKoopaPlays * 2 weeks ago

    If you place a boat in the nether box at the very edge, sometimes you can push it through. If you push it mostly through then enter it and exit it, you will be outside the nether. I tried doing it in the overworld and I got the boat through but I pushed it to far were I couldn’t enter it. So far I wasn’t able to do it in the Overworld yet.

  • Jordan Botelho323 2 weeks ago

    You can do this with boats, but it’s frame perfect.

  • Little Sky 2 weeks ago

    Wow toycat I’m disappointed you didn’t even give credit to the person who suggested this in the video with the merged woodland mansions dang taking all the credit 😔

  • RagexPrince 683 2 weeks ago

    you du not know dae wae

  • swagg_like_moe 2 weeks ago

    before, you where able to move freely in TU58

  • Albruins Films 2 weeks ago


  • Adam Walker 2 weeks ago

    Does it work with PC?

  • Diezombie4114 2 weeks ago

    4J: finally we stopped the world border glitches for good!

    IBX: *this*

    4J: son of a goat…

  • Minecraft one 2 weeks ago

    Thank you !!!
    Today I just see your old video and it’s not working but this work!!

  • PhantomEclipse 01 2 weeks ago

    X box is so shitty you can’t even break bedrock in creative! Never use Xbox it is a waste of money ibxtoycat…Buy PC edition IS is so much worth the money and Xbox edition is more costly.

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