READ THIS! Making a new minigame for minecraft


  • Scratchfan321 6 months ago


  • Rich Goldendoor 6 months ago

    I think the mob choice of mine out of the 4 new ones, I would want either A if its a really hard to fight water mob or D if its a cool difficult land monster protecting some cool structure (it just looks like the guardian of something). I just found out about these mobs today.

  • OD Vlogs 6 months ago

    How do you make mini games just curious

    Edit:I mean how does he get into the arena without fighting is it a download or what

  • SuperCy GAMING 6 months ago


  • YesVsNo 6 months ago

    Wow one of the 100 comments!

  • Funtime Frenzy 6 months ago

    It was an honor to be part of the stream! 🙂 thanks for all the support! 🙂

  • Mario Master 6 months ago

    Fifteen comments including me…How?

  • Epicwarrior 6 months ago

    <3 I luv your content!! Keep it up!!!

  • Preston Tilley 6 months ago


  • Kyle Wilshusen 6 months ago

    AAAH! So much asymmetry. But seriously, that looks so fun

  • Toycat's Cat 6 months ago

    Great stream as always Toycat!

  • PHO3N1X 6 months ago

    Sorry i missed hi!

  • Jnr TJEM 6 months ago

    GG Toycat Try this on The new version if you can, maybe you can use commands to make it better than it already is.

  • Pee Pee 6 months ago

    Capture the flag confined

  • Cash0311 6 months ago

    Bedwars has been around for a while hypixel had the worst version and everyone thinks they made it bedwars was made like 3 or more years ago.

  • TheTechnoEcho 6 months ago

    Why is there only thirty-four comments?

  • ELECTERALD 6 months ago

    this is one of your best streams

  • Alternative Red 6 months ago

    I actually made my own Fortress mode on the new Minecraft using command blocks

  • MiniFire 26 6 months ago

    Is the previous video thing in the desc. Broken?

  • MasterBuilder 6 months ago

    He should make this a map for Minecraft p.e.

  • MRroadCone ROBLOX 6 months ago

    Hello I’m MRroadCone

  • Oblivion X 6 months ago

    Toycat make a survival series on this map! Like if you agree!

  • creeeeeeeepers 6 months ago

    My internet sucks as I had my laptop wiped and now it’s performing about 3 updates at once after 1 massive update after 7 massive updates.

  • Intro/Thumbnail-Maker 6 months ago

    Oops 😂 I read forest mode

  • Connor Saunders 6 months ago

    You suke

  • AgreedCort 20 6 months ago

    how to make minigame

  • David Watts 6 months ago


  • Chris Morris27 6 months ago

    *I’m going to kill myself quickly*

  • the bo3gameryt 6 months ago

    Is this mini game for ps3

  • MrMomoman123456 6 months ago

    ibxtoycat you can destroy portals using lava or water or tnt. Make sure u cannot use them or so you can’t get them THIS INCLUDES BUCKETS

  • rug46 6 months ago

    how is the switch pro controller bad?

  • ShadowDragon 6 months ago

    make next tnt run

  • Battle Master19 6 months ago


  • Lu Yan 6 months ago

    How can yuo bild yuor own minigame

  • Jack LongBow 6 months ago

    qna How Do You Get The Minigame lobbys and maps?

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