• Lewis McMurray 6 months ago

    Hi stampy

  • RedRy 6 months ago

    I love cats!

  • Leighann Brogan 6 months ago

    There’s still a piece of glass on top stampy

  • Connor Howarth 6 months ago

    Love what you have built I have just subscribed say hello to your helpers for being helpful I have watched every video can’t wait for the next video


  • Creep1012 6 months ago

    Stampy! I’ve got a suggestion for your funland! Make a monorail that tours around the entire park, or just make a transportation system where the main areas of the funland are. This will be a great sightseeing ride, and a nice way to move around.

  • Amelia Rahman 6 months ago


  • _Haunter3d_P 6 months ago

    It’s been a year since I’ve watched, the nostalgia is real. But things sure have changed

  • Minecraft Expert 6 months ago

    Me: Here you go Stampy, A nice delicious cake for breakfast.
    Stampy: Oooh YAY cake!
    Me: Can I have a slice of cake please Stampy?
    Stampy: No, All mine. Get your hands off my cake. (Stampy laughs)

  • Gennaro Djossa 6 months ago

    i bet stampy cheats for all the materials lol

  • Alexander Shoemaker 6 months ago

    meow 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • Priska Poyner 6 months ago

    happy bday sqaishey and plz do more stampy v.s. squid vids

  • CuteLady Kawaii! 6 months ago


  • Jett Gaming Playz 6 months ago

    Hit the target was at 20:24

  • Sawtim 02 6 months ago

    Stampylonghead, after you finish up somehow you should open the world so anyone could play on it and go to your restaurants and funland

  • magicGaming 6 months ago

    I️ heave been here since episode 5

  • Gametime 101 6 months ago

    XTRA Late sqaud where you at XD

  • Randomins t 6 months ago

    I watched this everyday in 4th grade and its still the same. I’m actually confused cause i use to love this but now i’m 13 in 7th and i actually sorta dislike it now but i wanted to come back cause i’m reminiscing.. 🤕

  • Sophie Saunders 6 months ago

    😈😈😈😈😈😈 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 i will kill you hahahahahahhahahahah

  • Mr ExoticButter 6 months ago

    Why did stampy ate his homework??

    Cuz the teacher said it was a “Peice of cake”

  • Alfonso Canela 6 months ago


  • supercelo101 gaming 6 months ago

    Please bring back terraria stampy

  • Ernie Romero 6 months ago

    I love u vids everyday I watch u make me laugh cry happy

  • gaming with jb 6 months ago

    And can you do another hit the target episode you have not did one in a while plz

  • Mya Cruz 6 months ago

    Hay Stampy, I hop u read this. I just wanted to say that I love to watch u and u all’s make me smile, went I watch u

  • Griffin Cole 6 months ago

    Damn stampy only gettin 100k views my generation is what made YouTube popular and i guess they’re done watching you goodbye to a legend you will be remembered for the years of happiness you brought me #thankyoustampy

  • Gus Motherwell 6 months ago

    Any hot single girls

  • RotraryHydra 9944 6 months ago

    stampy where is your effeciency shovel

  • Basically Ethan 6 months ago

    can you play water rush again? you haven’t played it for a long time. and i don’t think the changes to pistons would affect it too much

  • Liam Joseph 6 months ago

    Hey stamps. It’s been ages since I’ve seen ur vids. About four years ago. Other than that I’m a growing boy. Officially a teenager. From YouTuber to YouTuber, keep up the great work 😁

  • Mariya Craft 6 months ago

    great video

    -from a new gaming YouTuber

  • Quinton Atkin 6 months ago

    let’s dance
    and stampy seed me a friend request for ps4 my gameatag is kidninja see you later ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤✌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and I’m you r number 1fan

  • Fishy Creeper 6 months ago

    Why not use a candy themes texture pack

  • Felicity De Jonge 6 months ago

    Great vid. BTW What do you call a man with a rubber toe?

  • W.D Gaster sans and papyrus 6 months ago

    For a while I stopped watching you stamps because I always wanted to do The stuff you do, but never had the chance to do it because my dad wouldn’t let me. I got jealous?
    Well, last night My brother updated our minecraft up to Xbox live and we got ALOT of the new stuff you have. It took the whole day to figure it out. I was discouraging to my brother and told him to give up but now I’m watching him trade with villagers, something I’ve always wanted to do. I feel awesome now and I think I’ll try to start watching you again. I miss your cute British voice!

  • Leah Frystak 6 months ago

    Stampy do another mining video please!

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