• FROZE GAMING INDO 1 week ago

    hi Stampy ive never see ur vid from 1 year

  • Nolax 1 week ago

    You need melon seeds to tame them SPECIFICALLY MELON NOT ANY OTHER, JUST MELON

  • Aaron Boodoo 1 week ago

    Do some gta5 video you donute

  • Amyra Potapovaite 1 week ago

    Stampy can u say hi to my new pet hamster Livia pls?????? In your next video

  • Olia Sereike 1 week ago

    its coco coco beans

  • JJMadness 1234 1 week ago

    i think you are gonna make a piston feed tape

  • Tesla Puteye 1 week ago

    Stampy I have been watching you since early 2013 and I always enjoyed you and ibalisticsquid doing adventure maps and playing different games (but mostly minecraft) so why cant you guys do that now.

  • Dorito_man gaming 1 week ago

    You already added J3mx_droid

  • Watch my channel _2 1 week ago


  • SoloSnD 1 week ago

    Man I watched u 3 years ago its Amazing u
    still enjoy and upload this game

  • Reuben Hallas 1 week ago

    17:28Stampy: “He doesn’t have a diamond pickaxe so we have a reallly big advantage!”Me: “,Why would he need one when he is playing spleef?”

  • JontyMaster 1 week ago

    Great videos! I really hope you get 10 million subscribers! When I clicked your video i couldn’t stop watching thanks for the awesome videos!

  • NooNooRules: Vlogs, Dolls & More 1 week ago


  • C.T.G 1 week ago

    stampy. im not a hater but i dont really watch you anymore. however. you’re a part of my child hood. i watched you when i was little and your videos are awesome.

  • CoolSkeleton95 1 week ago

    The parrot is probably glitched. The same thing happened to stacy in the last episode of your Minecraft story mode thing.

  • Luka 1 week ago

    Oh man, this video got in my recommendations…Your channel has grown a lot..I remember watching you back in 2013 when I was 11..Loved your videos, they always bring back old memories..Unfortunately the last video I watched from you was “Fight in Flight [212]” a long time ago…Just watched that video again..Keep up stampy and you’ll grow even more…

  • CUCAKE SPRINKLE 1 week ago


    (Hi parrot)

  • Mason Hemmings 1 week ago

    Hit the targets evil pet parrot

  • Kiara Smith x 1 week ago

    You need Mellon seeds I think because I tamed one xx

  • Vishnu Gattupalli 1 week ago

    I think of your videos so much that you come in my dreams

  • matej brtka 1 week ago

    I LOVE apples!

  • Howling Shadows 1 week ago

    Parrot taming is in the new updates on xbox1

  • Silver Clode 1 week ago

    love your video stampy and for a strange reason i thought it was call great apple

  • Aquila Nabong 1 week ago

    Use grass!

  • Gikle 1 week ago

    You need cookies

  • Kayla Krisalyn 1 week ago

    Your Laugh makes me laugh harder and harder! Keep it up!!!! <3
    Ive been with you for 2 years now! I LUV U STAMPS

  • burrito cat productions boi 1 week ago

    I can show you de waye

  • Tessa Watson 1 week ago


  • BenTurbervill 123 1 week ago

    You still do this 😂

  • Jadezai Games 1 week ago

    Simple block swapper for chests.

  • Tardisepic 12 1 week ago

    Hey stampy I have a question: Can you control your dreams? I have heard that gamers can. You are such a awesome gamer so I was wondering if you would answer that for me. Thankyou Stampy I’m a great fan!

  • itzyeboi creeper 1 week ago

    I think it’s hit the targets secret spy parrot

  • Joel Rosa Tellez 1 week ago

    i love your vidz i learned mincraft by you

  • Potato Criminal 1 week ago

    Um this is just my opinion so dont hate

    Stampy your views is extreamly short than last time(when minecraft is popular) arent you going to change even tho the views are dropping or your just doing it for fun?

  • JMAN Epic 1 week ago

    Nice video stamps! You should build a Farmers Market

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