• Caitlyn Bryant 1 month ago

    Lets play! Lets play! Lets play!

  • Mia Roberts 1 month ago

    snakes are scary

  • Million Miles 1 month ago


  • SquirkTube 1 month ago

    This is my favorite stampylongnose watch play series

  • amazinggamer 1 month ago

    my mum has a big Booty

  • James's Blog 1 month ago

    Place yah booty in the chest out walk the plank.

  • hazel butt 1 month ago

    Stampy. Cat. I. Want. You. To. Tell. Me. How. To. Play. With. Frends. In. Minecraft

  • Its Shadow 1 month ago

    i was scrolling down my list then i saw stampycat he brings back too much fun old memories

  • Sean Gaming 1 month ago

    The next den should be treeeee den PS It has to be called treeeee den

  • bshafr04 1 month ago

    i love the map your playing on stampy. it is so awesome

  • Pamela Melvin 1 month ago

    I love how squaishey loves pirates

  • Duck Boy 1 month ago

    Grass race

  • Oliver Sendall 1 month ago

    this reminds me of your adventure maps with squid back in the day. I was there from the beginning and im going to be there at the end stampy.

  • Marli Hacker 1 month ago

    Good video 😛

  • braceboy tv 1 month ago

    stampy there called mobs not googlies

  • OREN HARRIS 1 month ago

    Whole first two minutes is so perverted

  • Farouq Sadiq 1 month ago

    I love you stampy

  • Bear Carrey 1 month ago

    Do a build battle with the new materials, then make a poll and have the viewers vote!!!

  • DOS_Knight Gaming 1 month ago

    Love stampy 🙂 still the greatest and most friendly channel on youtube

  • MythicBeast524 Gaming 1 month ago

    Place ya booty in tha chest!

  • Hermoninny23 Gamer 1 month ago

    Anyone else notice something odd with the wood on the booty boat?

  • Tommy panda 1 month ago


  • Justina Lee 1 month ago


  • The speed Fighter 1 month ago

    What happened to terraria

  • Thewolfpack 99 1 month ago

    Grass race?

  • Marissa McFarland 1 month ago

    Your in a song

  • TheCutie hiphop 1 month ago

    This made me cry stampy ive been watching you ever since you made your first minecraft video or when minecraft was released but as always I grow up and got bored after so many years I finally watch one of your videos I was ssooooo in to you I drew you and ibillistic squid(I think that how you spell it)and my sister and brother would be mean to me when ever I drew you and hang you to the wall never change be the same cat that eat cake and make kids smile

  • KittyCatGamerYT Silverspace8687 1 month ago

    U make so good videos u deserve more subscribers

  • Logan Daly 1 month ago

    stampy how do you get maps

  • The Kiwi Master 1 month ago

    U never had a map

  • KJT 12629 1 month ago


  • The golden soldier 1 month ago

    Swiggity swooty
    I’m coming for
    The pirate booty

  • ETHAN KUNST 1 month ago

    Actually, the reason why there are parrots is because you’re kinda in a jungle biome because the grass is super duper green on the treasure island

  • Edward Heffernan 1 month ago


  • Tyler 1 month ago

    After Ocean Den you should do Nether Den.

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