A speed run for all 4 bosses, seeing how fast I


  • josh19871. 10 months ago

    Need someone to make a survival world with anyone down ?

  • I think the wither is a boss cuz it’s strong af boi and it has that HP bar that the enderdragon does. Others are like minibosses

  • Pokemon Jammer 10 months ago

    who else noticed they removed the piston from the manually crafting system on xbox 360?

  • Calvin Koh 10 months ago


  • Kellie O'Gara 10 months ago

    Great video😜

  • RedstoneRaven 47 10 months ago

    you should be punished for needlessly killing the dragon A**Hole

  • Webkinz 78 10 months ago

    They removed pistons from the crafting table on accident

  • Dylan Robinson 10 months ago


  • Ender Stranger 10 months ago

    dragon 360 at the 2:41;1

  • GamingSlimeYT 10 months ago

    This is how the boss battles should’ve listed , Vindicator thing , elder guardian, wither then the enderdragon

  • Ender Stranger 10 months ago


  • Stefanie Watson 10 months ago

    just to say because you said you hope we’re having a great thursday I wasn’t I was sick

  • U like Breakfast 10 months ago

    toycat if you read this I found two woodland mansions next to each other contact me on Xbox one AceShewchuk no space

  • Lucas Tracy 10 months ago

    if you kill the ender dragon with a friend (online) who gets the trophy? is it the person who gets the final hit or do both people get it?

  • Golden Godzila 10 months ago

    there is no more pistons in survival mode for the Xbox One you can’t make them or you can’t find them in the crafting

  • Shane and Lily 10 months ago

    Hey Toycat what’s the seed for that world?

  • Samich 10 months ago


  • The elder guardian and the evoker are not bosses


    On my survival I got from the first 2 wither Skeletons I killed 2 skulls and got the last one from like the 5th and I did not have looting

  • Mr. Reaper 10 months ago

    what’s the seed for this world?

  • Undercover Cow 10 months ago

    ibxtoycat what’s with the new update for minecraft xbox360/ps3 that came out this morning

  • Quiet Karlos 10 months ago

    YAY! I love these videos.

  • Milo Diaz 10 months ago

    What items can you hold in your other hand in game?

  • FrothierCargo 04 10 months ago

    is in wath o hat

  • Trey Norris 10 months ago

    How about they can’t put the graphic packs on PS4 they are working for Xbox or there are just lazy

  • Jblitz 15 10 months ago

    Even with an extra boss, you did it by half an hour less!

  • Dean Normandin 10 months ago

    Your channel is gay.

  • Dovahkiin 813 10 months ago

    hey what’s a seed that has every thing a jungle water and desert temple a village and a mansion? the seed would be for the 360

  • aislingxqoneill 10 months ago

    use old skin

  • aislingxqoneill 10 months ago

    I love you

  • aislingxqoneill 10 months ago

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  • Neo Toresten 10 months ago

    talk slower pls

  • Xx Cool Gamer xX 10 months ago

    why is tu55 not out for xbox THIS GAME IS SH IT

  • The Turt1e9 10 months ago

    You have to defeat the Ender dragon but you only have 9 live!

  • While watching I found a seed that has a mansion but it has a village attached to the side of it if you want the seed just reply

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