• Annie Morrow 3 months ago

    89.609 watcher

  • Zac 05 3 months ago

    Omg I haven’t watch stamps for the past 2 years I still remember every thing and I can’t believe there are 2 love gardens I was here when there we 200 not 500 eps of lovely world

  • default DJ 3 months ago

    I been a long time sins I watch yoo

  • Rosanne Sloan 3 months ago

    Hi dude

  • what up 3 months ago

    please please please start another series with squid bc i miss quest and building time <333

  • what up 3 months ago

    and please make more super mario maker levels because there’s an even harder version called super expert

  • Littrean House 3 months ago

    Can you visit part of my city please stampy I will apricate it please

  • craftylogical123 3 months ago

    How did you make the teleworkers

  • craftylogical123 3 months ago


  • mr. mews 3 months ago

    Stampy you should try to shear Henry.☺

  • Ha Ha 3 months ago

    *_Its Sunday right now so, I’m a bit late but….._*

    *_Hi everyone, whoever reads this I hope you have an amazing day_*

  • Big Slippery Pig 3 months ago

    hi stampy um you know you said that you would take Henry on the ss stampy

  • Nabeel huss 3 months ago

    Great vid

  • Hashim AlHashi 3 months ago

    1:34 next hit-the-target plan is using ice look outside the gate

  • Hashim AlHashi 3 months ago

    Hit the targets new plan is ice you may see ice in the water somewhere I won’t spoil the places

  • Can you do. Island of eden plspls

  • And pls do more stuff with squid

  • Jonah Spännare 3 months ago

    I love your youtube channnel❤️

  • Mr.banana YT 3 months ago

    Yesterday was my birtday

  • Eashvir Nizzer 3 months ago

    #stampyfor life your my inspection to be a YouTuber now I’m one your epic

  • Ringy345XXX 3 months ago

    Stampylonghead vs CrashBoomPunk

  • Eashvir Nizzer 3 months ago

    Do hit the target oringins

  • Ilike life 3 months ago

    Why are parents so mean….sometimes.

  • Azpad Ftw 3 months ago

    the hole game… get it! he said th pun near the beginning when he was looking into a hole without noticing he said it. around 2:45

  • paula Gogarty 3 months ago

    More legend of Zelda

  • Silver_dragon 3 months ago

    You were my childhood 😥😭 and so I’m revisiting 😃👍

  • madness and mayhem crazy 3 months ago

    I love ur vids Stampy and I love ur video headline

  • Blue Socks 3 months ago

    I always watch Stampy hes my favourite youtuber and I watched this my 2nd time

  • Diana Kišonienė 3 months ago

    Ai lov stampy

  • Jett Da Silva 3 months ago

    God has a pencil and stampy had highlighter god drew the and stampy made it brighter

  • Elvin Lee Vincent Rendon 3 months ago

    this is getting old

  • BellaRoo P 3 months ago


  • Mason Hemmings 3 months ago

    Hi stampy

  • JiaYi XD 3 months ago

    I use to watch this when i was 9 😄

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