• PopularMMOs 1 month ago

    Time for a Christmas battle!!! Enjoy guys!!

  • Kian Son 1 month ago

    0:30 happy birthday?

  • Biz Master 1 month ago

    bro u can use twilight forest it is updated to 1.12.2

  • Yazhen lin 1 month ago


  • Nafisah Rahman 1 month ago

    Christmas 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎅🎄🎅🎄 is nearly here

  • the wheelbarrow bros 1 month ago

    Dear pat and fans hello,I am singing for some nuns because they don’t get visitors on Christmas
    BTW Who Thinks I should dress my three pet cows festive there names are milky way milkshake and milkymoo

  • KENNETH LIEU 1 month ago

    Wtf Jen you pushed pat into the hole your the one trolling pat obviously is getting his revenge

  • Bonella Gamizingz 1 month ago

    Noob vs pro.??????!!!!

  • Adam Fry 1 month ago

    21:10 F*cking?

  • progamer alhaidar 1 month ago

    happy xmas

  • KENNETH LIEU 1 month ago

    Pat why you give Jen enchanted golden apple

  • Yuan Matalog 1 month ago

    13 million!!!!!!


  • Tammy Mcgrath 1 month ago

    jdhdyeueue73ue73ue8wue82u 3838373u37363 3637363737373737euey7ehsidheiehe8whs8hiddhdhushdhdhshshs8sjwhwheishsjshsishsushe737rhe8sgs82y8eys7whe7h2suheudyeheyrueyeyeydydyd737e7wuegeyeyeye6e636egegeyeheysushdysd
    dog man

  • EvanTheBest500 /Savage 1 month ago


  • eliezer moralde 1 month ago

    trolling jk i love jen she replied to me love it

  • Juvail Masancay 1 month ago

    pumasko sa pilipinas or merrychristmas at the phillipines

  • Ramona Brici 1 month ago

    Bandy 4ttyhtb5y6t I think quite

  • שרית קקון 1 month ago


  • CUCAKE SPRINKLE 1 month ago

    Pat:Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Jen:I donnu know…
    Pat:To eat Jen!
    Jen:Oh haa haa haa……
    Pat:(Spawn Human Eating Chicken)
    Chicken:(Eats Jen)

  • Oliver Tran 1 month ago

    Pat Jen play fortnoght

  • Zun eren Vn 1 month ago


  • david craw 1 month ago

    pat i thought it was a ginger bread reindeer

  • Amalia Richtarikova 1 month ago

    its not Christmas jet…

  • unicorn girls 1 month ago

    He forgot you no take beacon from well.

  • Df32 GT 1 month ago

    Sub My Channel Df32 Gt
    Popularammos u the best

  • Eli Marvine 1 month ago


  • Karen Robinson 1 month ago

    So we now know pat with leather is better than Jen in diamond
    Like if thou agree

  • Sophie Harrison 1 month ago

    I subscribed but I won’t to tell you something there’s this youtuber copying you awesome vids

  • THE_REAL YOGSTROYER Gaming Vlogs And Mo 1 month ago

    You should do the challenge games with more strong creatures and better weapons its more fun like that

  • gavin i love video Murphy 1 month ago


  • Jose Guerra 1 month ago

    for some reason this is the only kid friendly channel I like

  • Valeriya Pavelchuk 1 month ago

    I’m from Israel thank you
    You says Happy Hunyka

  • The Call Of The Fairy's 1 month ago

    as i said to ssundee you should teach your N O O B I E wife too how to pvp better and how to find thous mods or what ever gives you the edventge on her

  • Dang Peralta 1 month ago

    Jen the noob and jen has diamond armor and pat the pro that has leather becuase HAVEN’T DIED PAT THE PRO

  • Ava Cai 1 month ago

    Hello pat,thanks for always making my day

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