How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series.





  • Connor Martin 3 months ago

    Tfw the young KSI rolls up and takes over your stream

  • Antonio Ryan 3 months ago


  • Xboxgaming Boi 3 months ago

    My Instagram is xix.ksivikk.xix

  • Polish Eagle 3 months ago

    ask for a beacon so u can mine crazy fast and get rich with diamonds

  • AnnaBunny45 3 months ago

    This is my favorite event game and just the thing the doctor prescribed for my cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz Morgan 3 months ago

    A skeleton spawner near your castle for grinding also some insane knock back item

  • abdulrahman aleisa 3 months ago

    @Vikkstar123HD why don’t you put mosey stone brick

  • MC_MILAN_ PLAYZ 3 months ago

    You should ask for admin

  • Hey Nana 3 months ago

    When you by witches it’s supposed yo give you 6 for a stack since each witch is 10 bones but it only gives you 4

  • Guttu Jibitu 3 months ago

    Vikk I understand that you need to make money but is 12 ads necessary

  • Cody Wincen 3 months ago

    Get slash fix ( like so he can see it ) ☺️

  • Hawk Alan 3 months ago

    Wish for a command block

  • Muhammad Nadeem 3 months ago

    Vikk should ask the admins to give him a custom title called event god

  • Shinobi Coelmont 3 months ago

    ask for custom enchants

  • AiM-G0D_ 1 3 months ago


  • Slim3Gam3z 3 months ago

    Ask for like two double chest full of Xp bottle also since its blue stained glass it looks like the water is floating

  • Norint Lath 3 months ago

    Vikk what grade when you got straight A’s.

  • MPM3 music 3 months ago

    Shoudve used wither

  • NoName 101 3 months ago

    This gay

  • NoName 101 3 months ago

    Why watch Indian

  • Rascal 3 months ago

    Money obviously

  • Nichola Mccullagh 3 months ago

    IG spawner

  • Elite HD 3 months ago

    WIsh for more wishes

  • SGT 930 3 months ago

    Ig spawned

  • MO JO 3 months ago

    30:53 “I’ll give you my boobs” don’t think Pete would like that

  • Dinija Gunda Stūriņa 3 months ago


  • Samuel Kim 3 months ago

    ask for a farmer villager

  • master of gaming 3 months ago

    Ksi at 14:05

  • Jordi Mariscal 3 months ago

    You should add lava blocks around the blue glass underneath

  • C.C. Melling 3 months ago

    Wish for 500,000 or if that’s not reasonable enough then ask for less.

  • C.C. Melling 3 months ago

    Finally Pete is on vik’s team

  • ash368 3 months ago

    Anyone else think this looks fun!
    If only I had friends to play it with 🙁

  • Sky Sune 3 months ago

    Ksi comes in at 14:03 js

  • love life 3 months ago

    put sea lanterns in the floor

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