• WildX 6 months ago

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING GUYS!! The server should be back up within the hour… sadly the backup is actually from earlier this morning so I might have actually lost everything I did at the start of the episode… Once again I apologize for any inconvenience you may experience with the server being rolled back. Also, I sincerely apologize to everyone the so-called hacker offended by the things he was spamming in the chat. I try my best to promote a positive and PG environment on pvpwars and this guy was being extremely disrespectful to all the players so once again I’m sorry this man was able to breach our network… I love you guys have a fantastic rest of your day

  • YourNameHere 6 months ago

    I know who hacked the server…

  • Elijah Crites 6 months ago

    Lol thumbnail guy chose rainbow and not Halloween good job mate

  • Elijah Forst 6 months ago


  • Tranz 6 months ago

    1 enderman spawner = 175k,
    1 stack of enderpearl = 16*4,
    4 enderman spawners = 700k
    So when there’s 4 you could say that you get 64 pearls, and hoppers are really easy “/care package” and squid you need someone to afk that far, in my opinion enderman are op

  • mizter qb 6 months ago

    I love ur dog

  • yneonfire . Zhao 6 months ago

    u need to collect the pumpkin right?? than why not do filter toggle and filter edit

  • b dawg 6 months ago

    Wildx could it have been ducky

  • Tanki_ Gaming123 6 months ago

    WildX I made a cool Christmas tree pixel art warp to my island I hope u like it I got a star too 🙂

  • SkullPro 6 months ago

    Dang it I missed the Halloween crates >:( xD

  • grumpturtle grumpyturtle 6 months ago

    Thx for the reset back 30 mins I lost my coins 10 and my money pet D: alot people on ice lost a lot ubshould keyall

  • Dschwa OG 6 months ago

    This guy wears so much champion omg

  • Nforer 6 months ago


  • grumpturtle grumpyturtle 6 months ago

    Wait they only got 1400 I got like 4000

  • grumpturtle grumpyturtle 6 months ago

    And I did get my money a
    Pet and coins 10 legit I wading even focusing on the keys I was buying stuff from ah and right when it all happen in the end I had no money nor coins 10 rip

  • RedX Gamer 6 months ago

    Wildx, I also died by WagWanFan On my island. And Heres a tip if you want money easier keep doing /condense with your iron and turn them into ironblocks and sell it with double money money booster and money pet i made 1.8M a half a chest! it helps

  • The hacker is dumb. Could’ve just given himself igs slowely and sht

  • Cool Kacti 6 months ago

    7:30 in the video ‘I was jizzing the iron golem farm’ say whaaaat?
    Btw its just a joke xD people get offended easily on the internet.

  • P A K R I N 6 months ago

    Hacked by APE_GOD lmao get rekt nerds

  • Jeff Li 6 months ago

    Can’t you make an update where u seperate pets so that pvp pets and island pets where on islands pvp pets don’t work or that pumpkin pets can say who used it so if you die take a screenshot of the death so I maight say “WiLDX Killed you with their pumpkin pet”

  • Gaming_Oliver 6 months ago

    Wow, Ducky, Hes been island killing since the server started I died within 2 months since the VERY VERY START OF THE WHOLE SERVER, DUcky has been doing this for years, KEEP him banned. Plus he can kill you in an other way other than pumpkin pets

  • Ban Hammer 6 months ago

    you skipped the part were you sweared in tony’s video 😛

  • xSkirt 6 months ago

    Hi wild it was really annoying because I won inferno rank Ign GucciGraqes on fire but it rolled back 🙁

  • TwanPlays 6 months ago

    How do you take the full chest in your inv? I shift click them 1 by 1

  • TwanPlays 6 months ago

    I can help you with your ghast farm

  • Eli Francois 6 months ago

    only fire got the love

  • ConnorGT 6 months ago

    4,107th !

  • Uks Talvar 6 months ago

    Delete the pumpkin pet 🙂

  • TrueMC - minecraft 6 months ago


  • Elias8477 6 months ago

    “Could not connect to a default or fallback server” Sounds like a bungeecord problem?

  • xMxnu-Fifa, Mineplex Clans and More 6 months ago

    I lost 100k wildx from backup on ruby

  • xxlolxx124 Minecraft and more 6 months ago


  • MWsmarty gaming 6 months ago

    How do you make a sell sign on pvpwars.net? plz reply!

  • SHARDcoder 6 months ago

    command is /bc (message)

  • What is wildx’s discord?

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