• ZazyBoyJacob Rose 4 months ago


  • degadgety pro 4 months ago

    Build a room for your dogs

  • Kevin Ngo 4 months ago

    BUILD TRAYOROUS his houes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa OCallaghan 4 months ago

    Were did you find this place

  • Izzy Playz 4 months ago

    dan pls make your minecraft character wear appropriate winter clothes for next time

  • Bilal Shah 4 months ago

    Dan I have already seen this type of mod with baby mobs stacyplays has used it

  • maja l 4 months ago

    Build a hot tub this how you make it: Dig a 3 block hole and 2 by 2 block hole and put netherrack at the bottom and light it put a slab on top of it and around it put a block with the same colour and the last thing is add water in the bowl looking thing! <3

  • KARIM_ GAMER 4 months ago

    What is the name of this minecraft series???

  • Lucas Berry 4 months ago

    make a video with doc tray

  • Pepen 25 4 months ago

    In the down make a basement To go down to the village

  • yandere charley 4 months ago

    React to I love dantdm💖

  • Lexie Pilgrim 4 months ago

    He should make all his windows stained glass

  • Maddie Winter 4 months ago

    BUILD A MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuad Bako 4 months ago

    Dan TDM You a Good youtube 😊😏😉

  • Raffa 1247 4 months ago

    I think dan should call this series,dan the harvester or darvest(dan Harvest) festival

  • RG gamingzz Nike 4 months ago

    Hey Dan ! My suggestion is that u cover the sides of the tree house comepletely with panes and on the roof put a layer of sakura leaves and on top of the roof make a heart

  • Sihas The Clutch 4 months ago

    trying to come up with a name for this series

  • Erika Plays! 4 months ago

    Dan, go in the crafting recepies to see if you can find armor that you can craft, east to get the items, and youre dieing a lot in this series
    Please try to make atleast 1 vid of this series every 2 days

  • Sihas The Clutch 4 months ago

    how bout ‘Hailing Harvest’s’

  • Kyla Moineau 4 months ago

    Or trayaurus’s bedroom

  • James Pilbeam :D 4 months ago


  • AnnaCC //CutyCat 4 months ago

    If you mine with a hammer normal stone, you will get smoth stone

  • Pokemon Fan Group 4 months ago

    put some pink stuff and put a ocelot inside it t guard u to

  • I love Tdm jekis 4 months ago

    It’s not naasty it’s nasty

  • I love Tdm jekis 4 months ago

    Name ur kingdom googly kindgom

  • Alaa El-Betany 4 months ago

    Make some walls to be safe

  • I love Tdm jekis 4 months ago

    Iron armor plz

  • Ultimate YouTuber 4 months ago

    Make iron armour

  • Drini Tafili 4 months ago

    What are those pink trees called???

  • Sihas The Clutch 4 months ago

    you can make a waterfall for an unlimited water source

  • Deirdra Carroll-Murphy 4 months ago

    Put the pugs in a vi

    Make a roblox video

    Put a onsie on

    Hot chocolate


  • Abbie-Louise Thompson 4 months ago

    you could build a lab or a storage room or a kitchen or a bedroom or a living room or a bathroom or a dining area hehe I don’t know there is a lot of rooms you could add 🙂

  • DecodedZ4 4 months ago


  • bintuiran 4 months ago

    hi dan make a storage room

  • Zulkeflee Hazeh 4 months ago

    please play duck life space.

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