• GoldHat 7 months ago

    Don’t insult grandpas there’s grandpas healthier and fitter than me

  • RubyRanger 7 months ago

    what textrue pack does he use please someone reply

  • Alex yr not 48

  • Bruh your 48 and plays a fucking block game my dads 45 and he has 4 kids plus your e dating like 16 year olds. *cough* pervert *cough*

    Please get a fucking life

  • Iliqs 7 months ago

    Lmao Alex is bigger than my mum and he plays block game wtf?

  • Mersad Kl 7 months ago

    Where are the old comments every vidro comment Lol #ripoldcomments

  • totolos 7 months ago

    wtf with your voice

  • Andrè Skjellevik 7 months ago

    I HATE your voice… your so silly and dumb EWW

  • Ryz Luckz 7 months ago

    I know
    A really good
    Way to solve pot spam, here goes dude!

    like or go bald in 1.345 seconds

  • Fabri Perretta 7 months ago

    Hola señor hola señoritas xd

  • TriggerFlqmes 7 months ago

    my mom doesn`t want to help you

  • Rhekz YT 7 months ago

    Back pain. Bad posture. Playing MC all day. Stretches and exercises will fix.

  • Ruze Pvp 7 months ago

    Alex is a 48 year old

  • Rhekz YT 7 months ago

    Nice autoclicker

  • Dávid Channel 7 months ago

    Your sound is earkilling

  • BearBear 7 months ago


  • IGN HighOnHp 7 months ago


  • Mateja Dajlic 7 months ago

    Stop adming abusing you fucking idiot piece of shit cancer fucking retard how would you feel if someone adming abused u fucking tard get a life old sandbag

  • raymond diaz 7 months ago

    48 and still a virgin

  • iFireliar 7 months ago

    Alex the type of guy to walk into a pharmacy and ask for a health pot.

  • oAidan 7 months ago

    Alex is the type of guy to make a bot and in the matter of seconds people would know it was created by him

  • Magical xx 7 months ago

    my grandma is the perfect match!

  • Andre Budiman 7 months ago

    Alex the type of guy to do facecam when hit 100k subscriber

  • RedCade 7 months ago

    You have lower back pain because you are old. I’m sorry to break it to ya Alex

  • MrsDino 7 months ago

    Lol my brother said Its because your back is probably slanted

  • calin bondrea 7 months ago


  • AAPlayzMC 7 months ago

    i hate u

  • Takemelove 7 months ago


  • CakeStafqus 7 months ago

    6:28 did u just give prker a death threat :O #banned

  • ᎶαмᎥηgнєгo 7 months ago

    Alex is the type of guy to scream speed 3 while running from the cops.

  • NotShopping 7 months ago

    Lower back pain is when you sit in your chair too much Go outside

  • Payh シ 7 months ago

    Alex the type of guy to lie so much about being 48 years old that he starts believing it.

  • ben nitz 7 months ago


  • Just A Random Cow [Adam] 7 months ago

    Who’s mans is this

  • Mahlakas Hapukurk 7 months ago

    such a fucking abuser kys

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