• Rooster K 2 weeks ago

    Hey beck it’s me it would be really awesome if you could heart my comment your my favourite youtuber I watch all your videos your awesome !!!!

  • Peter The Pug Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Hi BeckBroJack I subscribed and slapped that bell road to 1million:)

  • Seira Nishimura 2 weeks ago

    naruto mod pls☺

  • abram barangan 2 weeks ago

    Thats a mod

  • caston cooksey 2 weeks ago


  • Emerald Legacy 2 weeks ago

    Hi beck Aka cookie lover can you please do ghost mod and I will give u a million 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  • Ricky The Humanoid 2 weeks ago

    Dont click read more

    I said not to…

  • Conner Kennon 2 weeks ago

    Maybe add a giant squid.please pin this if you read it .beckbrojack your my favorite YouTuber I’ve watched all your videos

  • Herdina Perwitorini 2 weeks ago

    hey jack i alredy have the aquatic update in my mcpe mojang make a trident

  • Thundurus Maximus Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Beck can you please do the Orespawn mod vs the Wither Storm let’s see who will win love you man

  • Herdina Perwitorini 2 weeks ago

    if you fine a ship reck theres tresure map and you can get a tresure and theres drowned is zombie that sink

  • apocalyptic gaming 2 weeks ago

    Im a beta tester for mc so i have it

  • DARK TUNDER 2 weeks ago

    Mame vid of red lucky block if you Dididt mack a vid of dat ok plsss

  • Shailo Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Pls can you do the airplane mod pls i have been commenting this pls btw love your vids pls notice this

  • Jayden Ramkilawan 2 weeks ago

    the kraken boos battle #minecraft aquatic update

  • Meghnaa Chowdhry 2 weeks ago


  • paul lowe 2 weeks ago

    your are awsome !

  • Doman Doman 2 weeks ago

    I want the KRAKEN

  • Izzie Robinson 2 weeks ago

    dome tu mod

  • Kevin Chen 2 weeks ago


  • Melissa Mitschke 2 weeks ago

    Play bedwars with bessy

  • KM COD 07 2 weeks ago

    Now I am installing minecraft on my PC now thanks

  • A Broyles 2 weeks ago

    Penguin 🐧 whale 🐋

  • Eziah Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Dinosaur mod vs transformers armor

  • M.A.D gamers 2 weeks ago

    Thanos armor

  • erum asad 2 weeks ago

    wither storm vs herobrine

  • Filip Rako 2 weeks ago

    hero expansion mod is cool plz try it

  • Ahnaf FDX 2 weeks ago

    Hey Beck you should try the super forest mod,I would be Soo thankful if you read this,plzz try it out

  • Ian Sherwin 2 weeks ago


  • Red Rivwra 2 weeks ago

    Please feature the one punch Man Mod again

  • Shayla Galarneau 2 weeks ago

    Hey Beck…I’m sorry I’m late but can you please like and pin my comment?

  • Kelly Dempsey 2 weeks ago

    I thenc that thae

  • Plasma Playz Games 2 weeks ago

    This is a mod not an Update :/

  • Aileen Franco 2 weeks ago

    Prehistoric animals mods

  • Raneen Botany 2 weeks ago

    herobrine mod and you could be him

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