• Lock Jaw 3 months ago

    should call those zombies, Dredge.

  • Askerovv 3 months ago

    Can we have new weapons? Please please

  • Silver Scale Productions 3 months ago

    Wonderful… can the drowned get you if you are in a boat?

  • DJ N0TR1C3 3 months ago

    Sea of thieves in micecraft

  • derpy dog 3 months ago

    Is this for normal Minecraft

  • Jesus Lopez 3 months ago

    I’ve seen the interior of the Ford GT.
    In my opinion, I don’t like it.

  • luis 23 3 months ago

    Hi captain sparkles I really love your video and I want to see some Minecraft challenges

  • Wow this is stupid, now we are dangered in the water as well

  • Peter Warburton 3 months ago

    When will aquatic update release for console

  • JJ Code 3 months ago

    I guess this breaks water ladders made with signs? Like the ones commonly used in mob farms? That zombie didn’t seem to want to swim to surface no more.

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf 3 months ago

    No, you’re not imagining things Jardon – you used to make drowning traps for hostile mobs to gather drops.
    Sounds like you could manufacture The Drowned with a zombie spawner, though – to get the trident…..eventually.

  • The Void Alchemist 3 months ago

    Your snapshot vids have been kind of subpar

  • Kerry Smollen 3 months ago

    Staving hawking is dead

  • Walking dead _2797 3 months ago

    Is the new update coming next week march.20,2018

  • Pano Kevin 3 months ago

    A message in a bottle would be cool…

  • The Solo Anarchist 3 months ago

    I wonder if eventually we can make our own moving pirate ships that will bring me back to the game for sure

  • Honeybee Productions 3 months ago

    Kinda bothers me that now I’m going to be impaled with a trident while trying to enjoy the new features. But such is life

  • PaulVincent MCPE 3 months ago

    Wow i love it

  • Sadie Marchand 3 months ago

    I’ve always wanted to play real Minecraft and this only makes me want to more! I don’t have a computer… ☹️

  • Greplas 3 months ago

    So in other words, this is for next gen and pc? If so, If I get 20 likes, I will break my minecraft game disc. XD

  • Stencil Zhi-Yi 3 months ago

    They really need to increase the sky-to-bedrock height.
    Let us explore the Marianas’ Trench

  • Nathan Mitchell 3 months ago

    I hate this new mob so unrealistic. And makes swimming in water more retarded, just have to have mobs turned off looks like for when I play Minecraft next which I haven’t played in a long time

  • We need sushi!

  • Jakottonn 3 months ago

    Rip Stephen Hawking

  • Suuki H. 3 months ago

    I kind of want to see him do a survival playthrough that’s focused on these underwater updates and to see what sort of home and any other builds he can come up with underwater.

  • Super Miner Emerald Sword 3 months ago

    Captain sparkle make a mod for making Jerry the slime alive again

  • Magicbluepanda panda 3 months ago

    If you build an underwater house you have to defend it 2 😲 it’s more challenging!

  • Kristijan Veljača 3 months ago

    This ruins the dungeon spawner xp farms

  • Ed Jackson 3 months ago


  • SuperSBlue Cell the Perfected 3 months ago

    It took them years to finally take ideas from mods and its still not even close to being as good as mods itself

  • Dragongeddon 3 months ago

    Make a moded survival when the update comes

  • Setyanto Nugroho 3 months ago

    Wow new moster

  • Cool kid sat Thompson 3 months ago

    Please s

  • Thanh Nhan Nguyen 3 months ago

    10 million subscribers milestone was hit!

  • AlphaCentauriA1 3 months ago

    Help me get 100 subs !

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