• hollywooddc64 2 months ago

    Awsome hacker 7 please and castle raid 7 please and I love your music

  • Vangirl13 2 months ago


  • rainimator Burrow 2 months ago

    Good video bro keep it up and do part 7

  • Sans The skeleton mystery and weird old videos 2 months ago

    I hate roblox

  • Lyzel Pintoy 2 months ago

    I like The song!!

  • Samuel Guy 2 months ago

    I saw a sword that I have on roblox!

  • Petrus Ihnasius Sumondang Tampubolon 2 months ago


  • Petrus Ihnasius Sumondang Tampubolon 2 months ago


  • I mean even if minecraft won, Im always Gonna Love Roblox.

  • spannung[: 2 months ago

    Sorry but i don’t like it 🙁

  • Muhib Asnawi 2 months ago

    I wish mincraft and Roblox were team 😇😇😇😇😇

  • Muhib Asnawi 2 months ago

    And also pls make them team and friend 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Nita auryn 2 months ago

    roblox is a noob

  • Nabil Rayhan 2 months ago

    Wow that took they so many people to just kill the enderdragon and how did they gat so many elytra i though there was only 1 elytra in every world and you can’t wear a chestplate and a elytra together

  • lighning heart 2 months ago

    Minecraaaaaaaaaaft!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!! Whoo!!

  • Blondie lockes In Wonderland 2 months ago

    Boooooo i hate this they are good games

  • sky pollao 2 months ago

    CoolKid Skin Killer Psycho Girl

  • Özgür Akıncı 2 months ago

    ROBLOX win😭😭😭

  • Hương Nguyễn Thị 2 months ago

    I love minecaft best, roblox are not things.Your song is best.

  • Minda มินดา TCDM THAILAND'S 2 months ago

    I like cookie music BNK48 so much❤❤ who like BNK48

  • 김ROBLX 2 months ago


  • свами Майнер бро 2 months ago

    MINECRAFT win yes

  • Lianne Wijaya 2 months ago

    please make more minecraft vs roblox song 😉

  • Anikah Mala 2 months ago

    I vote roblox Karina like roblox and Minecraft ranold to

  • Rüzgar Keser 2 months ago

    Minecraft is better roblox soo bad

  • death gamer 2 months ago

    i don’t think minecraft get down roblox that ezy roblox have admin weapons make them use that and they have exploiters;) try minecraft agains that my friend

  • Josh Manafe 2 months ago

    Minecraft vs Roblox minecraft win 😏

  • Josh Manafe 2 months ago

    Make a series about this

  • Ayesha Usman 2 months ago

    I hate these song

  • Kawaii_Andreea_Dog 2 months ago


  • Stephen Naval jr. 2 months ago

    Minecraft Won yay!! I was Expecting Whos The Most Dumb Game!! Minecraft Is Perfect Like if minecraft is Perfect Comment If Roblox Is Good

  • Marika Jako Pika girl 2 months ago

    Roblox is good game but minecraft IS THE BEEEEEEST 😂😃😄😆😀😁😊😉😍

  • Asmaa Menk 2 months ago

    boo roblox wins that roblox is much more fun than Minecraft roblox is one of the best game that can be a battlefield and a sandbox and Minecraft is just killing others and building roblox is the best Minecraft is boring!!!!!

  • Vanilla Ice 2 months ago

    I like roblox and minecraft

  • Jeffrey Bongers 2 months ago

    did you really just let minecraft win? i mean why not a tie? like both death or both peach? why roblox is good too!

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