So as a society, we have come far.
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  • Sophie TheMonsterFighter 6 months ago

    Are garroth and Zane Indiana forgot Zane’s real name what are they actually brothers in real life or you’re just lying it’s really funny and he’s a little brother or is guard off

  • powerfulfox 360 6 months ago

    Drive Thru what

  • Ciara Wilson 6 months ago


  • animation's and top 5 6 months ago

    Jason: put up a sigh that says pe pe
    Me XD
    Jess XD but longer

  • tube gang 6 months ago

    Make a rule book make chests leave the chests with the rule books in them in their porch

  • Kitty Cat:3 6 months ago

    Zane got new rules he counts them

    1.He likes black so everything is black for him
    2.Don’t let Garroth in,u have to kick him out again
    3.Have different mobs so he doesn’t get mad,also put black and white for him

    Sorry if I can’t do great this is something like New Rules by Dua Lipa I think

  • Kelly Allain 6 months ago

    I just realized Aaron/Jason has a golden ring. <3~!

  • yuliana villeda 6 months ago

    You should of put for the rule NO BREAKINNG DOORS

  • Zorro Sushi 6 months ago

    OMG I love your videos do you have snap chat please tell pretty please like im a huge fan

  • Zorro Sushi 6 months ago

    why does like ❓ why does everyone lime Jo Jo ❌shes kinde crazy and stuff funneh and aphmau is nice and awesome

  • XxKawaii_PotatoxXGames Magical_Potato 6 months ago

    I have a slime phone 📱

  • Caly Hill 6 months ago

    The sheeps should be Shandy!!! 😀

  • Zuzu HD 6 months ago

    You should make a mall

  • GamingWithMavis 6 months ago

    Zane/kestin took on from garroth/Andy good job brothers took on from eachother

  • Soriyah Evans 6 months ago

    For Aron-jaron get it and for Aphmau -Jesmau

  • JessTheDorito Whale 6 months ago

    I aspire to have Keten’s come backs

  • OverJae42069 6 months ago

    This series is a sneek peek of the making of a new my street series…. OurStreet 😂😂😂

  • Ron Nesland 6 months ago

    are u gonna use these houses for another series?

  • Lillian_81 YT 6 months ago

    Jess, (Or somebody) put this video into the Angelsville playlist. It’s just that I hadn’t seen it put into there, so yeah.

  • Laila Cornelius 6 months ago

    Never laughed so hard in my laugh

  • Arianna Daugherty 6 months ago


  • Hiad Con 6 months ago

    Aphmau: “Zane was pretty much like-“
    *Ad turns on*

  • awhina rowe 6 months ago

    What’s the texture pack

  • Awesome Zanechanshipper 6 months ago

    Have Daniel or kawaii chan

  • LolaVlogzz 6 months ago

    10% random things
    50% questions
    20%telling you things you don’t care about
    5%about the Drive through wedding

  • ArashiKaze - TempestWind 6 months ago

    I just realized that this reminds me of Super Minecraft Heroes with the court and everything and that makes me excited~

  • butter panda 6 months ago

    the little zombie is calling you a stupid potato aphmau

  • Kashiaaya44 6 months ago

    When aphmau was talking about the court and people getting mad at each other I immediately thought of that superhero series where aphmau was Thor and she was playing with those other people to

  • Angela Fisher 6 months ago

    HEY!!!i am with my brother charlie we love your videos and want to say something a pun
    Jason:HECK NO!
    Zane:THIS IS INZANE SO I WILL GO NOW GARROTH-Txts garroth:Hey aph/jess loves me hehehe-

  • Gretchen Weiners 6 months ago

    *I got new rules, I count em’*

  • Kim Seokjin is my life 김 석진 6 months ago

    When would you build the grocery store??? 🤨

  • Erin Ault 6 months ago

    Lets play the like game, but this one has a little …. twist. The last digit of your like number equals a ship. Whatever ship you get, you have to support, get excited about, and basically fan girl over for 1 week. This game I created, so copyright Erin. Now, lets get started.

    0. Kenmmlyn (Kenmur x Emmalyn)

    1. Aarmau (Aaron x Aphmau)

    2. Zane-chan/Zanna (Zane x Kawaii-Chan/Nana)

    3. Garrence (Garroth x Laurence)

    4. Travlyn (Travis x Katelyn)

    5. Vylacole (Vylad x Nicole)

    6. Jente (Jenna x Dante)

    7. Levixis (Levin x Alexis)

    8. Sylveric (Sylvanna x Eric)

    9. Daze (Dottie x Blaze)

    Comment on which shop you got, and let me know what you think. Thank you and bye. Oh, and check out my comment on episode 25 of Minecraft Diaries season 2. 😊

  • Werewolf Rj 6 months ago

    no more rules there house no yours

  • Wolf Girl 6 months ago

    Zane”……..Are you hiding something……………Are you becoming like your Brother hehehehehhehehe, lol

  • Yang Love 6 months ago

    When Aaron’s so hyped because of the carpet 😂😂😂

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