• Kurdistan Gamer 7 months ago

    sab my chanal

  • Gaming Glitches 7 months ago

    Can u do a video of who is better Preston or shotgun

  • Andres Aparicio 7 months ago


  • drawing master 7 months ago

    Mo boi be engaged gg

  • Patrick M. 7 months ago

    preston, how did you make that intro at the beginning?

  • x Taxer 7 months ago


  • Cristopher Co 7 months ago

    Em I first

  • TNT_FLAMEZ playz minecraft 7 months ago

    More lucky blocks that’s how I started watching you preston

  • Ann Wright 7 months ago

    Play madden 18

  • XFLEMAX Playz 7 months ago

    Preston is my master heTeach me how to Parkour like a pro

  • Grant Blanchard 7 months ago

    to preston I want you to know that you’re the best YouTuber ever

  • Grant Blanchard 7 months ago

    ur awesome ive watched every video on your first YouTube channel to your II YouTube channel

  • John Ramos 7 months ago


  • Nic Playz 7 months ago

    where is factions

  • Jonathan Todd 7 months ago


  • YahBoiJello Minecrafts 7 months ago


  • Kwesi McCarthy 7 months ago


  • Adam Elshafi 7 months ago

    I don’t like this new type f video. Just show the uncut version and everyone should upload a vid instead of just Preston

  • Temmie King 7 months ago


  • Maya- Roblox, SWTOR & More! 7 months ago

    heyyy preston U’re My true Idol On youtube ♥ because of u i believed in my self and Stopped being Shy 😁
    And start doing Youtube

  • Matthew Higgins 7 months ago

    I love you Preston I am a superfan but I don’t know how to donate on your live streams and I wish I could give you all my savings if it means you can make your YouTube channel even better than it already is (And it is Amazing) Ly ❤️💛

  • Max Millar 7 months ago

    I love you

  • Ja ke 7 months ago

    Stop roasting ant poke see you more wrost

  • anthony singleterry 7 months ago

    God bow ol

  • Evan E 7 months ago

    when you see noob you know shotgun is in the vid #unsubfromshot

  • timothy cao 7 months ago

    When Preston gets the god bow it’s my favorite parts and btw shot is one punch man

  • Hunter Forrest 7 months ago

    Love you prestonAnd hit the like button

  • Silva Animations 7 months ago


  • Crazyeloi Gaming 7 months ago


  • Dudearouni Gaming 7 months ago

    Its been so long i havent watched him 🙂

  • Blurrology 7 months ago

    Hey guys, I’m trying to start vlogging my daily life, along with car meets, are other non-sense!
    If you guys have a quick minute, go check out my latest vlog and give me some feedback!

  • Xieren Stix 7 months ago

    Anyone know what the modlist is? or the plug-ins?

  • Johnny Hennig 7 months ago

    Jy is die beste van ooit in die wêreld 😎 hou van jou videos

  • Sisi Li 7 months ago

    I wish that when Shotgun is live-streaming, he has a sub count on the screen(like with one of Preston’s videos i saw) and we could all just sub and then unsub as a prank 😂 #unsubtoshot

  • Hunter Plays Minecraft 7 months ago

    Did you guys know pleb is short for plebian. Plebian by definition is a commoner in Rome.

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