• Tory White 6 months ago

    honestly, id like if they’d use the difficult almost vanilla set more often

  • Lit Dionosaur 6 months ago


  • Lit Dionosaur 6 months ago

    40:10 he missed a pair of diamond legs

  • I'm TK-Dragon! 6 months ago

    I didn’t even watch the first like half hour of this. I just listened to it while animating.

  • Patrick Ortiz 6 months ago

    When Austin misspells maggots

  • Drago Bertschinger 6 months ago

    49 that’s an awfully high number yea ben when you actually do something

  • johan wingsternes 6 months ago

    30:40 jerome just completly skips over a diamond pickaxe, i felt my soul get drained D: D:

  • Matthew Milkiewicz 6 months ago


  • Matthew Milkiewicz 6 months ago

    You should do a vanilla battledome

  • Bryan 823 6 months ago

    He missed dia. Pant shiny from where he get the prot 3 helm

  • Jurni Rivers 6 months ago


  • “OG modded” You can’t modify original stuff and have it be original… anyone else think this or just me :3?

  • OpZac Astronomers 6 months ago

    Bring tewtiy back pls

  • pixilmatrix 6 months ago


  • Masuno Hiragani 6 months ago

    He missed diamond pants

  • Johnny Cow 6 months ago

    This is not “OG” Battledome

  • THE DOUBLER 6 months ago

    Hey Jerome can you make a vlog with your brother?

  • Bob Jones 6 months ago

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss thank you jromeasf

  • anthony gannon 6 months ago

    I was actually thinking of a deer getting eaten by maggots

  • Obaidullah TheGamer 6 months ago

    When jet omega gets fire

  • Axel L Root XZ 6 months ago

    jerome play brawlhalla

  • Ethan Bracken 6 months ago


  • WINDY BAY 6 months ago

    What happens to cookie and who’s cookie

  • Haresh Ravin 6 months ago


  • pug scot 6 months ago

    hi jarome u da bessst I love battle dome

  • Indoortundra689 Nothing 6 months ago

    30:41 here we have a wild Jerome asf as he carefully misses a diamond pickaxe in a chest when he was whining about how they need diamond pickaxe

  • GrizzlyBear5704 6 months ago

    I nearly quit the stream when Jerome drank laudanum. Laudanum is an opiate, it’s what the used to use as an anesthetiser along with chloroform

  • Kieanoh Smith 6 months ago

    Yo jerome plz reply I made a bacca block braker top in tecknoligy thx to ur top I got a level 7

  • thecoolgamerkid MC 6 months ago

    Haven’t been watching in a while might watch more now

  • Joshua 6 months ago

    You say OG but its modded…

  • Paul Santos 6 months ago


  • Ciscosnoww 6 months ago

    When he forgets a diamond pick

  • Gingers Unite 6 months ago

    You do know laudanum is old fashion posh heroine for rich people mostly used during 19th century

  • KaiDaDestroyr 6 months ago

    Dasha’s attempt to weaken jerome by giving him cookie’s meat ended up making jerome more determined

  • CrAzY GaMeR 6 months ago

    I need tewityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzz like if you agree

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