• SYLAS MAPA 1 week ago

    play with the squad

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  • Logan Spence 1 week ago

    It’s a chimp in his natural habitat

  • Liam Rock 1 week ago

    Hey unspeakable i want youto notice this…
    When you start making your house bigger, i think it would be really cool instead of making rooms for chest and more. make underground tunnels to diffrent mountains and each mountain holds something diffrent like chests, potions, building blocks. The list goes on and on but i think this i dea will make the series so much cooler

  • Liam Rock 1 week ago

    I also have another idea, it is to make the rooms into the mountains like an ant farm so like branch these spheriacal like rooms all around (inside) the mountain

  • Liam Rock 1 week ago

    Please like these ideas if you want unspeakable to do them

  • brianna saari 1 week ago

    Who else liked the video before it started

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  • Inga V 1 week ago

    You need a door

  • Blister Thunderbolt 1 week ago

    Wait…how did you get new stuff when you DOWN GRADED to 1.0.0?You didn’t upgrade UP to a newer version,i don’t get it

  • Girly Gamer 1 week ago

    Why do we have to put our email for our maps?

  • Jv Marasigan 1 week ago

    Make a new video

  • Vaugh Krauss Bellin 1 week ago

    2 days late

  • jocelyn vlogs 1 week ago

    do more!

  • Kevin Valdivia 1 week ago

    You got like 1682 videos

  • Jonathan McClain 1 week ago

    Hey unspeakable can you please make your videos longer

  • PG-3D Gaming Dude 1 week ago

    4.7 M wow your so good at Minecraft

  • Daddy Heffnuts 1 week ago

    omg unspeakable gaming its deffrent i love your vids i any ways on computer

  • necrogaming 1 week ago

    Build a door

  • Raelyn Quiles 1 week ago

    the video got 11k likes when i got here, whaatttttt

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    Play with moose

  • Kelly Sherman 1 week ago

    We are trick you we’re giving you a thumbs up👎×👍 check

  • Antonio Jr De Ata 1 week ago

    i love your vids subscibe

  • Hockeygirl 05 1 week ago

    You should do 2 episodes of each not one that way u have more time doing everything

  • Rainbow Unicorn 1 week ago

    so yesterday I had sprinted my ankle at school during a reading luau, and ripped alto of tissues, so I couldn’t watch yesterdays video,but I did slap that like button? wish me a hope you feel better, unspeakable, please

  • Gerard Hill 1 week ago

    to get seeds you must hoe the ground

  • Extreme Plays 1 week ago

    In the old days of mincraft if u have a hoe and use it on the grass it will give u seeds Just like grass!!!!

  • Jakebre772 Games 1 week ago

    What’s the first episode srry if I miss them because i have school it sucks!

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  • Nidheesh Joshi 1 week ago

    Do more survival pls

  • kamdon juarez 1 week ago

    U should do a 24 hour challenge live stream

  • theEliaskid 1 week ago

    Can you make like 30 season? Because your the best and it’s a really smart idea for a series.

  • SpICy MiNT Yt 1 week ago

    Gg For clickbating us

  • Eduards Vijups 1 week ago

    only intro was in first version

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    I Sub to you moose, Preston but not shark

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