• Minecraftjake8585 1 month ago

    Wow guude

  • midKnight redd 1 month ago

    Not sure it still does, but used to when you killed a redwood tree it would seriously kill your frame rate so just be careful there.

  • sisigwithrice 1 month ago

    Damn, cooking episode right away! Sweet

  • D6 Modding 1 month ago

    Looks right at Paks garden (god I’m so hungry)

  • Shari R 1 month ago

    You have pams harvest craft on here so all the green bush like things you passed are gardens with all kinds of vegs, look into making a ground trap too and it will collect all kinds of stuff for you. bones, feathers, raw chick, beef , bird ect.

  • Marlju Sweety 1 month ago

    Ah! I love beginnings! And you beating that drum and laughing at the squid with a hat made me smile. Its the details, like that or the cow statue on the furnace, that you discover and enjoy that won me over and had me subscribe to you. Enjoy your game! And thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  • SangheiliWarrior 1 month ago

    This modpack looks so flippin amazing!

  • GoonGoon Plays 1 month ago

    Sub to my channel
    I’ll sub back

  • Cecelia Glaspey 1 month ago

    YES!!! Guude I 💗 you watch you on the mindcrack server yes you and Jeff .. im one of the 4 lol so thrilled to see you on foolcraft

  • Jayfeather X 1 month ago

    15 mins in and already got a stripper joke. Subbed.

  • Nick Brown 1 month ago

    Dont forget pam’s lets you make the different fruit trees with 3 of one kind of fruit and a sapling (EX: 3 apples and an oak sapling gives and apple tree.)

  • AtomicJet524 1 month ago

    Any one remember flans mod? Or just me.

  • Teresa Laing 1 month ago

    Welcome to Foolcraft Guude! Great start…this should be good!!!

  • Trekie47 1 month ago

    is this fucking 2013 again ?

  • Jan Tracy C. 1 month ago

    I’m so excited for all the cooking you’ll be doing in this!

  • Autumn 1 month ago

    I’m so excited!!

  • Jono's LP 1 month ago

    I know you dont ask for likes… But I left you a like, because who doesn’t like a new minecraft adventure!!

  • NeroMephistopheles 1 month ago

    If you want to make Dough, Rice might be the best and fastest Idea to do that and make Ricebread out of it. It’s pretty quick to make and 1 less nutrition to deal with, until you have the food-thing under control. Edit: If I am not mistaken, it gives 3 food and should be the best among all kinds of bread.

  • cavity1010 1 month ago

    The quotes and stories this series are going to be epic

  • I feel like Guude is Minecraft royalty.. Foolcraft is better this season.

  • Wes Cook 1 month ago

    Really great to see some singleplayer Minecraft again. I like Jeff, but I also need my alone Guude time. No shouting Milbees either.

    Also glad they fixed the major balance issues in this version of Foolcraft.

  • MrPilinpalin 1 month ago

    polarbear guude

  • Reprimize 1 month ago

    Hey Guude how come you never play Minecraft anymorekappa?

  • Zachary Sterne 1 month ago

    I know it’s a long shot, but OOGE return would be epic!

  • Stephsaguudefan 1 month ago

    OMG!  OOG AND OOGE ARE A POSSIBILITY ONCE MORE!  Also, isn’t he supposed to be in F5 mode?  I’m very confused.

  • Garcia 1 month ago


  • Joe 5 1 month ago

    Cool stuff guude! I’ll definitely watch this series closely.

  • that intro noise is awful

  • SAINT ENDS 1 month ago

    That intro sucks.

  • NaelisSimmer 1 month ago

    Yay! Looking forward to more of this!

  • Arch Ang3l 1 month ago

    How did Guude join a server full of people who don’t like swearing in videos lol
    Edit: I also like that Guude tried blowing on the wind chimes.

  • Cazz 100 1 month ago

    This makes me happy 😀

  • Max Mohr 1 month ago

    Guude, please check out the totemic mod. Great early game and can cause interesting base designs. Tutorial attached: Creepers don’t explode: The best thing: or just craft the Totempedia from logs and paper

  • The Aussie Ninja 1 month ago

    Guude want an easy food source see rendog

  • Short Man Walking 1 month ago

    “Blowing” on the wind chimes was hilarious!

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